Here Are Reasons Your House Has a Foul Odor After Raining

Have you noticed your house has a bad odor after the rain? One of the main culprits of the foul smell is an issue with your septic or plumbing system. Rain can impact your plumbing system, leading to a bad smell in the house. Therefore, it is crucial to call for plumbing services to diagnose and fix the problem immediately. The following are reasons you have a foul smell in the house after the rain.

Your Septic Tank is Full

One of the main causes of foul smell is a full septic tank. This could be due to the soil being drained by the heavy rains, preventing the system from working as it should. When the tank is full, the water coming in backs up into the pipes, causing a bad smell. Therefore, if you think the issue is coming from the sewer, it is vital to call professionals in sewer repair in San Luis Obispo to have the issue fixed. Failure to call for emergency plumbing services could cause more issues besides the bad odor.

Your Water Barrier has Dried Out

Another reason for the bad smell could be the water barrier has dried out because you have not used it for a long time. If you don’t use some faucets, the water barrier in the sewer dries out, which might be why there is a bad smell in the house. You don’t need a professional to fix this. Run water in the faucets to make the barrier wet. It will wash the smell away. However, if the issue does not resolve, it might be best to call your plumber.

There is Decomposed Waste or Bacteria

Decomposed waste and bacteria could also make your house smell. The wastewater or sewage goes to the septic tank and settles at the bottom. This waste decomposes with time and might turn into liquid. Human waste, dirty water, and all the nasty things in the septic cause a foul smell. The waste forms a gas that could travel through the pipes and back into the house. Frequent plumbing services are crucial to cleaning and repairing the system and U-traps. The plumber will seal the traps to make sure the gas does not escape into your house.

You Have Leaky Pipes

Leaky pipes could drip water into the house, resulting in bad smells. For example, if the pipe discharging sewage from the house is leaky, the bad smell could be the reason. Rainwater also fills the septic. The water rises and leaks into the house through the cracks. Therefore, you will always deal with foul smells every time it rains. That is why calling professionals to fix leaky pipes is advisable.

Your Drains are Clogged

Your drains’ work is to direct dirty water away from the house. If you habitually throw solid waste into the drains, they could cause clogging, so water does not flow well into the sewer. When rainwater enters, it flows back into the house due to the blockage. Professional drain cleaning is vital to unblock the drains and prevent decomposition.

Wrapping It Up

A smelling house is uninviting and uncomfortable to live in. That is why knowing the origin of the issue and calling professional plumbers to fix it is vital.

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