Transforming Your Garden Into A Chef’s Dream

Despite international stereotypes, the UK loves food. The culinary world has grown significantly in recent years, with television channels being filled with cookery shows and bookshelves stacked with cherished cookbooks. More people are learning about the culinary world than ever before and, as a result, our homes are changing.

While kitchens are the focus for many cooks, being spruced with the latest gadgets and stylish utensils, it is the garden with which chefs can most dramatically transform their food and gastronomic ability. Whether it is growing one’s own ingredients, preserving and curing them, or cooking them in an authentic pizza oven, the garden is truly a gateway to new flavours.

Here’s how to transform your own and take your flavours to the next level.

From Seed To Table

The ability to grow one’s own food isn’t purely for the pride that comes with dishing up a meal that you have nurtured from a seed but in having absolute influence over the flavours and ingredients being experienced.

Experienced chefs will know that the quality of ingredients is the foundation of a dish. By growing one’s own ingredients, residents can better understand what makes them taste better, using their garden’s design to produce the most impressive flavours.

Growing ingredients isn’t limited to raised beds either with even balcony gardens offering a degree of verticality for stacked pots and hanging herb gardens. Every bit of space has the potential to produce ingredients for the table, with even a handful of herbs being able to improve a dish significantly.

New Environments

Being indoors, kitchens have certain limitations. Those chefs who wish to smoke or cure their foods may struggle to accommodate the necessary equipment to do so indoors. This is where gardens can shine, being able to accommodate larger structures dedicated entirely to the development of ingredients.

There are many types of garden assets, as well as outbuildings, that can be utilised in such a way, from the online trend of converting filling cabinets into smoking devices and the transformation of log cabins into outdoor pantries.

A popular endeavour for gardens is the pizza oven. The traditional design of a brick and clay oven produces a heat that is incredibly hard to replicate inside a kitchen oven, working exceptionally well to give bread and pizzas a crisp and rich flavour. While they may require a small investment, they can easily pay for themselves

Dining Outdoors

Changing the environment that one dines within can also change the experience of a meal. Imagine, for example, dining outdoors and among the aromatic flowers of a garden, with food being cooked outdoors and served until the stars appear. Such a setting can be the perfect reason to host a garden party and try out new recipes for friends and family.

Firepits and outdoor grills can also be an ideal investment for those wanting to dine outdoors more often, serving as both an attractive experience and a way to cook foods differently.

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