Saving Energy: 6 Tips to Make Your Commercial Roof Energy-Efficient

Today’s world focuses on greener and more sustainable options to save the planet. One of them is being energy efficient. One way businesses are achieving energy efficiency is by installing energy-efficient roofs. These roofs are enabling businesses to save money by spending less energy. Did you know that commercial heating and cooling take a huge part of the budget? Businesses need to monitor the costs to ensure they are not wasting money on unnecessary things. The following are six simple ways of an energy-efficient roof for your commercial building.

  1. Adding Coating on Roofing

Applying proper coating is one of the best ways of making a roof cost-effective and energy-efficient. A roof that does not have coating may cause a spike in temperature, especially during summer. Therefore, when you consider foam roofing installation LA, you can prevent your roof from overheating and transferring the heat to the inside. The coating reflects the sun, and the temperatures drop by over 50 %. This saves a lot of energy and improves comfort.

  1. Using Energy-Efficient Materials

It is also a good idea to replace your commercial roofing materials with energy-efficient ones. There are specific materials in the market for business owners who are looking for solutions to save energy. For instance, metal roofs offer energy efficiency by providing excellent insulation and cooling. They also don’t hold much heat, which helps keep the inside cool.

  1. Choose Lighter Colors

You can also go for materials with lighter colors to reflect the heat while providing energy efficiency. Lighter-colored roofs are more energy-efficient than their dark-colored counterparts. As mentioned, lighter colors reflect more light and heat than dark ones. If you cannot replace your roof, consider painting it with a lighter color to save energy. While at it, choose a material like metal for high reflection.

  1. Skylight Installation

It is also possible to reduce energy usage by installing skylights. Skylights reduce the electricity you use on lighting by allowing natural light during the day. They replace electric lights and reduce the need for artificial lights during the daytime. Furthermore, skylights reduce glare and prevent overheating of specific areas with their UV protection.

  1. Sustainable Roofing

Another effective way of making your roof energy-efficient is by choosing sustainable materials. These materials last long, are eco-friendly, and help save a lot of energy. Using materials like metal, concrete, and roof tiles can help reduce your energy bills. They are sustainable, hence have a positive impact on the environment.

  1. Proper Roof Ventilation

Proper ventilation also helps reduce energy bills. It reduces moisture by keeping out air from outside and making sure the air inside remains. Without proper insulation, the air inside the building easily escapes outside, while the air from outside finds its way into the building. This reduces the effectiveness of your HVAC system, making it work more. This translates to more energy usage, hence higher costs.


These are six simple ways of improving energy efficiency from your commercial roof. Consider spray foam coating and invest in energy-efficient materials. Choosing lighter colors and installing skylights to provide natural lighting during the daytime is also a good idea.

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