Top 4 Ways to Protect Your Home from Severe Weather Conditions

Building or buying a home is a great investment you don’t want to lose to harsh weather conditions. If you live in areas with great hurricanes, you must ensure your home is strong enough to withstand that. Most make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to make amends to their home. This leaves many gaps and works undone, allowing the harsh weather to ruin your home. During the harsh weather, your house may endure brutal conditions of blizzards, pushing storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Securing your home is not as complicated as most people perceive. This article will explore ways to protect your home from the severe weather condition.

  1. Remember Your Roof

Where there is a heavy downpour, your roof is the most affected, and if it’s not strong enough, it could curve, which is a disaster. A roof in good condition can shield the interior of your home from the storm outside. You need to prepare your roof for such conditions by hiring a professional in Roof waterproofing Miami to ensure your roof is in the proper condition. In addition, you can apply a seal around your home’s chimney or vent pipes to avoid water leakage.

The experts will inspect your roof to check the structural integrity of the roof system. Don’t forget to clean out clogged gutters and downspouts. When the heavy rainfall fails to run through your downspouts and gutters, it will spill over, landing in areas where it can soak your home’s foundation, causing structural damage and flooding.

  1. Clear Your Yard

Another incredible way to prepare your home for harsh conditions is by doing yard work. You must remove all the dying and dead limbs from your trees and secure flowerpots, trashcans, lawn furniture, and other yard ornaments the storm could call away. You can place them in your house until the storm pass. Furthermore, remove and disconnect exterior television antennas from the roof. If you can’t secure the outdoor items and lawn furniture, take them inside the house. Don’t forget to tie down the oversized items such as a doghouse, playhouses, sheds, swing sets, and boats.

  1. Install Steel Doors

You must secure your doors by installing steel ones that can withstand storms. During the storms and harsh conditions, the high winds can easily tear through double doors without structural support between the two sides. Adjust all the loose bolts that fasten the door into the framing at the top and the bottom.

  1. DIY Storm Shutters

If you have the suitable tools, you can DIY your own shutters from ¾ inch marine plywood or metal storm panels. Mark them to ensure which window they fit, and they overlap the windows on all sides by four inches. In addition, make shutters for your skylight windows and store them to use when necessary. Staying prepared will help ensure a smooth transition and the safety of your home.

Final Words

The above are essential preparation that you need to make for severe weather conditions. Always use high-quality materials and engage experts to help you with jobs like roofing to ensure your home is substantial. Donta forgets to clear anything outdoors that the storm could carry away, as they can become flying missiles and destroy your windows and roof.

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