5 Clever Ways To Revamp Your Business’s Lobby

The lobby is an important part of any business. It is the first thing guests see upon entering the building, and it is the last thing they see upon leaving. Thus, a lobby must make a positive impact.

If you own a business, follow these five tips to refresh and revitalize your lobby.

  1. Refinish The Floors

A lobby experiences a significant amount of foot traffic. The scuffs and scratches resulting from that foot traffic can make the lobby floor look worn out and unappealing, which may negatively reflect upon the business itself.

If your lobby floor is past its prime, you do not have to shell out thousands of dollars to rip it out and install a new one. Instead, refinish it. Marble refinishing Manhattan NY will leave your floors looking like new; additionally, refinishing your floor will increase its durability and expand its lifespan.

  1. Repaint The Walls

Along with refinishing your floors, you should also consider repainting your walls. A fresh layer of paint will protect your walls from moisture, reduce the built-up smells they produce, and increase their value. When you repaint your walls, take the opportunity to tap into the latest interior design trends. Color can greatly enhance the atmosphere of your lobby and brighten your guests’ moods

  1. Offer Refreshments

Greeting your guests with refreshments is a great way to promote a welcoming atmosphere in your lobby. Set up a coffee, tea, and water station and encourage your guests to partake in the goods. If you can afford to do so, offer fruit, pastries, and other small snacks alongside the drinks. To remain eco-friendly, use washable ceramic mugs or biodegradable disposable cups.

  1. Create Sitting Areas

A lobby should be a comfortable place to work, chat, and simply relax. Accommodate your guests by providing seating arrangements suited for a variety of tasks. For example, you could create an office-themed section with ergonomic chairs, spacious tables, and easily accessible outlets. In a different part of your lobby, you could have a dedicated relaxation zone with extra comfortable sofas and plush armchairs.

  1. Provide Information

It is important to keep your guests occupied while they wait for service. Use this opportunity to educate your customers about your business and other relevant topics. For example, you could set out product guides or portfolio binders for your guests to peruse. If you run a hotel, you could set up an information kiosk filled with brochures about the local attractions and amenities.

The style, ambiance, and functionality of your lobby can make or break the first impressions your guests make about your business. Impress them by incorporating these five tips into your lobby area.

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