Top Dressing With Compost – Benefits Of This Lawn Fertilizer

Topdressing a garden with compost is the act of adding a thick layer of organic material above the soil. This is a very labour-intensive process, and for this reason, its popularity so far has been minimal. There are compost spreaders and electric top-dressers available, both of which are expensive machines, especially for equipment that’s not being used regularly. By making your own compost piles at home, you can get your hands on this valuable fertilizer without having to spend too much money. In this article, we’ll show you how it’s done.

The first benefit of good topsoil spreader, which we’ll discuss in detail later on, is that it’s extremely beneficial for improving the quality of the soil. It also helps prevent the formation of harmful weed seeds, which can clog up your garden easily. Moreover, the quality of the soil will be much better, as it won’t have any salts, toxins, or bacteria in it, which tend to damage the surrounding areas when they accumulate. This in turn leads to better lawn quality.

The second benefit is the added nourishment it provides the lawn. All the grass seeds that fell on the ground get mixed with the compost in the bottom of the pile. This provides them with the nutrients they need in order to germinate. When the grass grows, it channels the nutrients it gets to all the other parts of the lawn as well. This means that your lawn becomes more fertile with time, and it’ll look greener and healthier.

The third benefit is the aeration it provides the lawn. Since there are no roots clogging up in the lower layers of soil, there is a good chance that the oxygen level is being enhanced in the lawn. This means that the lawn gets to enjoy fresh air and ample sunlight more often. In addition, during cold weather, fresh air can easily flow through the porous areas of the Top dressing layer and thus, keeps the temperature milder inside the house. Soil that’s been aerated and thoroughly cleaned often shows signs of de-clogging more quickly.

The fourth benefit is that it can help improve your soil structure and fertility. You don’t really have to mention the cost benefits here since they’re too good to ignore. Because the main ingredient in this fertilizer is the compost from worms, it stimulates plant growth, as well as the production of new seeds and roots. That means that the garden gets more foliage and more produce over time. And when the plants grow, they get to feed off that fertilizer, creating larger quantities of food for you to enjoy at home.

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