Kitty Relocation: 7 Tips For Moving With Your Cat

Moving with a cat can be difficult, as they may be confused by all the excitement, packing and new surroundings. But by planning ahead, you can ensure that moving your feline friend is as comfortable and prepared for the big move as you are!

Owning a cat comes with a range of responsibilities: feeding them, spending time with them and finding the best pet insurance companies. Ensuring they are happy with a big move is another responsibility in the life of a cat owner!

Let’s take a look at seven tips for ensuring they are ready to relocate.

  • Socialise them

If you have socialised your cat from a young age the move will most likely go more smoothly. If your cat hasn’t been exposed to people and other animals from kittenhood, they may have a hard time around new people and in new surroundings.

  • Keep them safe

When packing for the big move, it’s a good idea to keep your cat in a separate room. Cats are curious animals, as well as being susceptible to excitement and stress – so be sure they are out of the way of any hazardous areas when you’re moving.

  • Take care of their special needs

Certain cats have medical problems or may be old, so it’s a good idea to talk to your vet about how you can help them throughout the moving process. You may have to keep their tummy stable on the day, and this often includes holding off on feeding them breakfast until they are settled in the new house.

  • Admin & ID

Your kitty’s collar should have your name, new address and phone number. You also want to ensure your cat’s microchip is up to date.

  • Treat your kitty for fleas

You should already be providing your cat with regular flea treatments as they can show up at any unwanted time. This is especially important before you move as you don’t want to potentially bring over these nasty insects to your new home. Provide your cat with either a spot-on or tablet treatment before your move so that they do not bring any fleas along with them.

  • Who are your new neighbours?

Before moving, it may be a good idea to drive around the new area to see if there are any dogs or cats living in your new neighbourhood. It’s also not a bad idea to ask your neighbours if they have any pets or if they have any concerns about you having a cat.

  • Be ready with the cat carrier

Be sure you are ready with the cat carrier. If you get out the cat carrier early, when the time comes to take your cat over to your new home you will be ready and avoid any problems. You may need to put an unwashed t shirt or towel in the carrier before they hop in – this helps them recognise the scent and feel more comfortable with getting in the carrier!

It’s all part of the joys of being a cat parent!

Moving is stressful for everybody – we know this. It can be especially stressful for furry little friends, so you need to ensure that you are prepared to make the move without any dramas on the day itself! By following the above-listed tips your cat should be happy to jump in their carrier, head over to the new house and have a good, relaxing time settling in.

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