Why a Live-Edge Dining Table Can Be Great for Any Style of San Diego Home

Live-edge tables have been around for a long time but didn’t really come into fashion until the Mid-century Modern era of architecture and interior design became popular. Since then, this style of table has been included in homes of people wanting to make a statement in their dining rooms. Recently, with the Mid-century Modern style making a resurgence, live-edge dining tables are all the rage once again.

What Is a Live-Edge Dining Table?

You’ve probably seen live-edge dining tables in stores or in homes throughout San Diego, but maybe you didn’t know that’s what they were called. A live-edge table is one that is made from a slab of wood, where one or more of the edges is left natural. In other words, you can see the natural curves of the outside of the tree, since it isn’t cut off to make all the edges straight.

San Diego homeowners love live-edge dining tables because they make a statement. They are one-of-a-kind pieces that really stand out.

In What Styles of San Diego Homes Should a Live-Edge Dining Table Be Featured?

As mentioned earlier, you often find live-edge dining tables in homes with a Mid-century Modern look. However, they can also look great in more traditional or rustic homes. It all depends on the type of wood that is used, how the wood is finished, and the types of legs that are used to support the tabletop. For example, a live-edge dining table that is to go in a modern style home might be constructed from Walnut, and have a glossy finish and sleek, metal legs, while a table going in a rustic cabin would be made from Pine and have a more natural finish and thick, wooden legs.

In the end, a homeowner should go with the look they like, rather than trying to strictly adhere to one specific design style.

Should You Leave the Bark on a Live-Edge Table?

Some people like the look of a live-edge table with the bark left on—especially those going for a more rustic look. However, this isn’t a great idea in most situations. The bond between the wood and the bark is not particularly strong, and over time, the bark could crumble away from the slab, even if a high-quality seal was applied. The good news is, even with the bark removed from the live-edge slab, you can still get a beautiful and unique table with the type of character you’re looking for.

Where Is the Best Place to Purchase a Live-Edge Dining Table in San Diego?

Due to their current popularity, live-edge dining tables can be found in furniture stores throughout San Diego or purchased online from a variety of retailers. However, those who have a specific style in mind should consider going with a custom furniture builder in San Diego, like Three Pines Wood Co.

A custom furniture builder can help you source the perfect slab for your live-edge dining table and also help you with all the details that will go into your table. Look for a furniture builder that is able to produce a realistic rendering of the table prior to construction so you can approve the design before the building begins.

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