How Grisafe Architecture Stands Out Among Architecture Firms in Long Beach

Standing out in a crowded field is a challenge for owners of businesses large and small—but especially for smaller businesses with equally small marketing budgets. At times, it can seem almost impossible to be heard above the “noise” of all the advertising and marketing done by larger companies.

For many small businesses, finding a particular niche within their industries has been a way to achieve success. They become the “go-to” company for very specific types of projects or products, or for offering superior service that customers can’t find elsewhere.

Concierge Service that Clients Love

Grisafe Architecture is an architecture firm in Long Beach, California that has found its niche. They are a small, full-service architectural design firm that offers what they call “concierge service.” This means they oversee the entire building or remodeling process for their clients—from start to finish. In other words, they don’t just complete architectural drawing for their clients and wish them well. They will actually take the plans through the permitting process, and then oversee the construction of the project to make sure the plans are carried out according to the client’s wishes.

There are a lot of architecture firms in the greater Los Angeles area, where Grisafe Architecture is located, but Grisafe Architecture definitely stands out for the level of service they provide. Clients who are looking for a firm that will handle what can be a long and frustrating process on their behalf are willing to pay for this type of service. They also refer their friends and colleagues, and come back to Grisafe Architecture when they have additional projects.

A Small Architecture Firm with Big Abilities

Another way Grisafe Architecture stands out is by their willingness and their ability to take on projects that other firms—especially other small firms—might shy away from. They love designing for clients that have projects such as tenant improvements that require the design to accommodate industrial or medical equipment;  or historic home remodels in Long Beach that have special requirements and need the approval of additional regulatory bodies.

Grisafe Architecture is able to take on these types of projects because they have assembled a team of talented individuals who can help them with everything involved with a complex project. They have an experienced staff of designers and code specialists, as well as a network outside professionals they can call on when needed, such as structural engineers, Title 24 specialists, mechanical engineers, and others. When it comes to using outside professionals, Grisafe Architecture doesn’t look for the cheapest person or company who will take the job. Rather, they work with those who are knowledgeable, reliable, and who have their clients’ best interests in mind.

A Community-Minded Approach

In their 20 years in Long Beach, Grisafe Architecture has made a big impact on the community. Not only do they complete pro bono projects for local nonprofits, they also work to improve the processes in the city as they relate to their industry. Grisafe Architecture owner Mark Grisafe currently serves on the City’s Cultural Heritage Commission that helps make decisions about the City’s historic properties. He also helped the City of Long Beach test their online plan check system before it was rolled out to the public, in order to ensure that it was working smoothly. In addition, the team at Grisafe Architecture designs with the community in mind. They work diligently to design buildings and homes in ways enhance business communities and neighborhoods throughout their City.


Standing out as a small business is never easy. But as Grisafe Architecture, it is possible for a small business in a big city to make its mark and find success, despite the odds.

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