What Is House Lifting? Here’s everything You Need To Know!

Also called house raising or building jacking, house lifting is the process of separating the house from its foundation and raising it temporarily, often with the help of hydraulic screw jacks. House lifting is often a necessity, and depending on the situation, the house can be raised up to 12 feet. The technique is also often applied to commercial properties and other kinds of structures. In this post, we are discussing a few aspects worth knowing about house lifting.

Why is house lifting required?

There can be several reasons why house lifting might become important. More often than not, when the foundation has settled, or there are issues that may impact the structural integrity of the house, raising can be considered. It depends largely on the condition of the house. If the foundation can be repaired, house lifting might not be required, at all. In many areas, house lifting is considered to add a small crawl space or basement, although that’s generally very rare. One of the foremost reasons why this kind of raising might be necessary is flooding. Many times, people opt for house lifting because they are expecting flooding problems.

Selecting a company for house lifting

  • First things first, make sure that you have selected a company that specializes in house lifting and has worked with clients in the region for foundation and concrete repair needs.
  • A professional company needs to be licensed, insured, and they must have their own team of in-house experts and workers. Insurance is an aspect you want to be sure of in advance.
  • Get an inspection done. If your house has foundation problems, lifting is not always the first solution. It is absolutely important to get an inspection done first. Sometimes, even simple repairs can be enough.
  • Ask for references. When you are working with a company for the first time for house lifting, you need to ask for references. Call up their previous clients and get an idea of their experience.

  • Seek an estimate. As you may have guessed, house lifting can be expensive, and getting an estimate is always recommended. Ensure that the cost includes everything, and do ask the company about the time required for the job.

With house lifting, you can actually prevent costly repairs later, especially after natural calamities such as flooding. Not to forget, you don’t have to vacate your home immediately and can protect the value of your property.

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