Do You Need to Work at a Height?

To deliver a construction project on time, you need to make sure that your workers are secured. You can better accomplish this by adding scaffold towers, builders’ trestles, and podium steps. Whilst you can use ladders and steps, working way up high requires a more stable platform to ensure safety.

Are You Afraid of Heights?

One worker, Steve, who worked construction, was actually afraid of heights. However, when his boss ordered podium steps from the experts at Toptower, he found a way to overcome his phobia. That is because the platform ladders enabled workers to work on a larger platform and made it possible for labourers to perform full 360-degree turns. The room that a platform offers is important as too small of a platform can lead to accidents.

An Extended Guardrail

You can also buy podium steps that feature extended guardrails or ones that can hold a large amount of weight. Casters on certain models make transport a breeze. You can find these height aids in varying sizes configured to specific types of jobs. These jobs may include installing drywall, washing windows, and adding insulation.

Do You Spend a Good Deal of Time Working Above Ground Level?

If you need to work at a height and need to do so for hours, you will need to make sure that you are equipped with the right podium steps. When you need scaffolds, towers, or podium steps for your work site, you will find that quality height products are made with efficiency and safety in mind.

Make it Easier to Turn

When you can purchase or hire a larger platform, you save workers from having to turn uncomfortably or try to position themselves in a space. By adding a guardrail, extra accessories and tools can be included on the platform.

Spend Less Time Going up and Down Steps

When you can add extra tools on the platform, workers spend less time going up and down steps, which also leads to a reduced chance of an accident. Podium steps lock when the worker applies pressure to the platform ladder. The casters automatically sink and retract and therefore secure themselves.

Construction Made Easy

Most podium steps are made for use by construction workers and electricians. By using this type of aid, workers do not have to try to navigate up and down too-narrow steps. They can make working at a height an easier process. When a worker has extra space to hold his or her tools, he or she suffers less from foot fatigue and makes “strides” whilst working.

No Fear of Falling

You can’t deny the benefits of using scaffolding towers and podium steps at worksite. Workers don’t have to be afraid of a fall as they can turn easily and do not have to consistently go up and down steps. If you want to pursue your job with more enjoyment, you need to access a platform that will making working at a height a stress-free activity.

Go online today and see what you can find in the way of podium steps and scaffolding. The more you know about your options, the safer you will make it for people to work at your site.

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