Sloped Roof: Interesting Facts To Know About

The roof of the houses is mainly divided into two different types. A Sloped roof is one such type of roof. This type of roofing is also known as a pitched roof. The sloped roofs have a pleasing look. These types of roofs are multi-functional.

Different categories of the sloped roof to know about

There are various categories of sloped or pitched roofs. Selecting the type of slope is an important aspect to consider when selecting the best roofing system for any home. Some of the different types of roofing are:

  1. Gable roofing is one of the popular categories in the case of sloped roofs. It is easy to identify them with their symmetrical roofing panels. These roofing panels are mainly joined at the top, forming the ridge.
  2. Saltbox roofing is also known as the asymmetrical category of gable roofs. Here, in this type of roofing, one of the roof panels will be mainly sloping down to the building’s first floor.
  3. Gambrel roofing is the traditional type of roofing. This is also popularly known as the Dutch roof as this originates from the Netherlands. Gambrel roofing has got two symmetrical roof panels on both sides.
  4. Mansard roofing has got four different sloping sides. This type of sloping is mainly similar to the Gambrel roofing system, but it mainly features slopes on all sides.

Benefits of the sloped roof to know about

Some of the benefits of the sloped roof are as follows:

  1. The sloped roofs are shaped like a triangle. They are stable and as well as more effective at the time of dealing with excessive weather, which includes heavy rain and snowfall.
  2. The natural ventilation of the top roof layer mainly helps in improving the thermal efficiency of the building. This mainly conforms to optimal indoor comfort both in winter as well as in summer.
  3. The Pitched or the sloped roofs mainly allow the natural ventilation between the outer layer and the building, which mainly conserve energy.
  4. The sloped roof is less expensive and mainly requires less amount of repair.
  5. The sloped roofs are mainly used in reusing the rainwater.
  6. This type of roof can be converted to any house with substantial extra living space present inside.

Sloped roofs are mainly easy to install for smaller structures, as this would be expensive for the larger areas.

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