Backyard Project Finds

Backyard projects such as the installation of fish ponds, retaining walls, garden beds, and more typically involve a measure of digging. While the backyard may look innocuous, what is buried beneath may be surprising. It is worth considering what lies underground before starting any excavation.


Before beginning any project that involves the underground aspect of a yard, contact the local service responsible for locating utilities. They can identify where gas, electricity, telephone, internet, and other important municipal services exist. Depending on the age of the home, there may be a need for oil tank installation Westchester County NY. Knowing where these items are can help avoid the safety risk from contact with dangerous cables and pipes in the ground. It can also save time and money involved in moving a project and starting over in a new location due to a conflict with utilities.


One person’s treasure can be another person’s trash. It is not unusual for people, and maybe more so, children, to bury something precious for safekeeping. There must be untold numbers of pets of all kinds buried in backyards all around the world. Bags of marbles, battalions of green army men, and even personal time capsules are likely buried in yards around the country. It could be a trip down memory lane when treasures are found during the backyard project.


Imagine finding cannonballs, a large bag of money, or a cache of weapons in your yard! It has already happened to a number of people. In Europe, people still occasionally find unexploded World War II bombs buried underground. There have been a number of stories about the discovery of nuclear fall-out shelters and other hidden structures built in residential yards. Many are still stocked with food, water, and other supplies and were likely built during the 1950s. Fossils and skeletal remains of people have been found in backyards, and one man in New Orleans found a graveyard of 13 caskets in his yard while trying to install a swimming pool.

The backyard can be a haven for homeowners and a retreat from the stress of the world. It is no wonder that projects to improve the beauty and functionality of this space are popular. It is standard procedure to check for utilities before digging, as they can present obvious safety risks. Treasures and remains are known to exist in residential yards, and finding them can be an incredible experience.

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