Interior Design Essentials for Your Living Room

The living room is a space which is most often used for some quality time with your family, for socialising with guests, relaxing and watching a movie together. As most people end up spending a lot of their time in this part of the house, it is crucial to have a comfortable. living room design. With a countless number of furnishings and decor pieces to choose from, there are some essential must-haves required to complete your home design. So, let’s look at some interior design items you should get for your living room.

Comfortable Seating

As the living room is meant for a lot of people gathering together, it is vital to have a relaxing set up for seating. It could just be a huge sofa and matching armchairs or you could put different group seating arrangements. The types could consist of a formal setting for guests and colleagues and an informal seating decor for the family such as pouffes, recliners, etc. Choose a colour palette so the pieces blend in with the living room and go with the overall vibe of the room. With numerous seating furniture options available, you can pick them based on the comfort level or design.


Having cupboards in your living room design is a necessity as it offers you the chance of minimising the clutter. The cupboards can have a combination of closed cabinets and open shelves with space for your entertainment system. Such a design enables you to hide certain items behind closed doors and put beautiful accessories to display. Depending on the size of your living room, you can also place several small cupboards in separate sections. The material and texture of such furnishings also play a role in highlighting the aesthetics of the space, so choose wisely!


When deciding the flooring for your home design, you may want to get the chicest look right out of a magazine. But this space is bound to experience many footfalls and spillage from food and drinks. With several people getting together in the living room, the flooring option should also be easy to clean and maintain. Hardwood flooring is a popular choice amongst homeowners but can be expensive with fear of moisture damage. Alternatives such as laminated flooring, linoleum or vinyl, ceramic tiles, or just plain natural stone tiles can be chosen for your living room. This greatly depends on your budget and the style of flooring to match your home design.

Coffee Tables

A centre table is what brings every piece of decor together or else you would have a lonely space in the middle. Having a coffee table serves the purpose of holding almost everything over it. Right from cups and glasses to TV remotes and magazines, you name it. Now, this is the time to be wise and creative while picking the right centre piece. There are endless customisation options such as the material type, height, size, shape, design and what not! You need something that will combine with the colour scheme of your living room without overwhelming the place.


Accessories are something that livens up your walls and bring in a wow factor. The type and style of accessories completely depend on your taste and the amount of room left. Beautiful artwork and paintings offer a focal point to the room and can be easily bought on a budget. Throw cushions for your sofa with fancy yet subtle curtains for the windows can go a long way to add emphasis to the space. More items such as rugs, plants, throw blankets, vases, etc. can help you with putting a personal touch to your living room!

Now, your living room won’t be missing any of the essential interior decor pieces required to make it complete!

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