Do You Need a Professional for Air Conditioning Installation?

An air conditioner is an essential appliance during the hot summer months. If you’re the DIY type, you may be wondering if air conditioning installation is something you need a professional for or if it’s something you can attempt to do yourself. This article will go over some scenarios where it may be acceptable to install an air conditioner yourself and detail why enlisting the help of a professional is recommended.

Ultimately, It Depends On the Unit

Typically, the only type of air conditioning installation that is safe and viable to do yourself is that of an air conditioning “kit”. Air conditioning kits are composed of all of the components you need to essentially build your own air conditioner from scratch. However, these kits are really only recommended for those who are properly skilled in the trades and have a lot of experience using power tools and reading complex mechanical manuals and diagrams. DIY air conditioning kits are also usually made from inferior components, and there’s rarely any kind of warranty or guarantee in the event your DIY kit system breaks down.

More complex units, such as split systems, ducted split systems and evaporative coolers, will always require the expertise of a technician experienced in air conditioning installation. This is because the electronics and components found in these systems can be quite sophisticated, and if you don’t have the necessary training, the risk of injury or death during installation will greatly increase.

Money Spent on Labour Can be Worth Saving Time

While you might save a bit of money going the DIY kit route, finding the time to put all of the components together can be challenging. The money you spend paying a professional to take care of your air conditioning installation will not only buy you professional services and a top-of-the-line appliance, but will also buy you a lot of time back which you can then spend on other DIY projects around the home. Generally, if you’re not a qualified HVAC technician yourself or don’t possess the pre-requisite knowledge and tools to install an air conditioner, you should outsource the task to a professional.

A Professional Will Offer Expert Advice

Even if you’re capable of performing air conditioning installation on your own, there’s no one you can turn to when you need specific advice on the unit or if a fault occurs shortly after installation. By enlisting the help of a qualified HVAC professional, you can have all of your questions answered on the spot as well as have someone you can contact instantly for any after-care tips and advice. A professional is also more likely to get everything installed and running properly from the beginning, making the occurrence of any faults in the near future unlikely.

You May Get an Installation Guarantee

Another great reason to enlist the help of a professional for air conditioning installation is the fact that you’ll get some kind of installation guarantee or warranty on the service. This means that if an issue with your air conditioner does occur within the agreed-upon guarantee timeframe, you’ll be able to get the HVAC technician or air conditioning professional out to help you rectify the issue quickly and free of charge. This will not only give you extra peace of mind in the long run, but can also save you both time and money trying to solve the air conditioning problem yourself.

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