Wondering Why Your House Has a Foul Smell After the Rain? Here is Why

If you have noticed a nasty smell after it rains, it could be due to different reasons. However, one of the most obvious ones is a problem in your plumbing system or septic system. Rain can affect your plumbing or sewer system and this could be the cause of the foul smell. You will, therefore, need to call a plumber or an Antelope Valley sewer repair company to diagnose and fix the issue immediately. Here are several reasons why your house has unpleasant odors when it rains.

Bacteria and Decomposed Waste

Bacteria and decamping wastes are the first to blame for the foul smell. When the wastewater and sewage go to the septic tank or sewer system, the solid waste goes to the bottom. It then decomposes and may later turn into liquid. This mixture of dirty water, human waste, and moisture results in a bad smell. It also forms sewer gas that is harmful when inhaled. It is thus crucial to call professionals to clean or repair the u-traps. The professional will seal the trap well to ensure the sewer gas does not escape into the house.

A Full Septic Tank

A bad odor in the house could mean that your septic tank could be full. This could be due to heavy rains carrying a lot of soil and preventing the system from working properly. When the tank is full, the new water coming in will back up into the pipes, and with time, you will start experiencing bad smells. The best way to deal with this is to call professionals to fix the issue.

A Dried-Out Water Barrier

Another culprit of the foul smell could be a dried-out water barrier due to lack of usage. Mostly, if you don’t use certain faucets in the house, the water barrier in the sewer trap dries out, and this could be the reason why your house smells. Fix this problem by running water in the faucet to create a barrier. The flow will make the barrier wet and wash away the smell.

Clogged Drains

The work of the drains in the house is to transport wastewater and sewage into the sewer system. Mostly, clogged drains happen when you flush solid items in the drains. This can get worse after the rain when dirty water enters the system. You need to hire professionals to unblock the drains to prevent further decomposition. This way, you will completely get rid of the foul smell in the house.

Leaky Pipes

A broken pipe could let water out or in the system. Both of these will result in bad odors in your home. If the broken pipes are discharging sewage in any part of your house, that could be the reason why you have foul odors. Rainwater can also find its way into the house and the septic tank. This way, the sewer gas rises and forces itself out through the cracks. So, if you have leaky pipes, consider calling professionals to fix them.

The Bottom Line

There is nothing unpleasant than living in a house with a foul smell. Therefore, you should hire expert plumbers to help you. Trust them when they tell you that they have seen it all. There is no plumbing issue they cannot fix.

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