What material is best for a front door?

Front doors are made of different materials, which determine their appearance, strength, durability, and suitability for the one architecture. However, it is hard to say that one material is the overall best when talking about a front door, other factors come into play.

When you go to a windows and doors store to buy a front door, you will be presented with a wide variety of doors based on the materials used for making them. However, your knowledge of the different types of front doors and what to expect from each of them will help you make the best choice for your home.

What material is best for a front door? Read further to learn and make the best choice for your house.

1. Wood

Wood is the oldest material used for making doors. Its significance and importance cannot be downplayed. The types of wood most commonly used include maple, pine, mahogany, fir, and oak. Wood can be modelled to any style, size and shape that will meet your needs and home architecture.

You can also integrate other materials into the wood, like ornaments and decorative glass accents. Wood is eco-friendly and durable. However, it is susceptible to rotting, fading, and warping over time.

2. Fibreglass

Fibreglass has the appearance of wood but with a higher level of durability, resistance to heat, higher energy efficiency, and low maintenance. Fibreglass doors come in a wide variety of colours, textures, and style options. Meanwhile, low-quality fibreglass doors are prone to cracking in winter and fading in summer.

3. Steel

Front doors made from steel are the safest, most attractive and reliable options. They are usually insulated with foams between the steel panels to boost energy efficiency. When steel doors get damaged, they are difficult to repair. In most cases, you need a complete replacement. On the other hand, steel doors are easy to maintain by painting them when needed.

4. Aluminum

Aluminum doors are durable, resistant to moisture, and strong. They are low maintenance and resistant to rust. However, water stains can make aluminum doors look bad. Any damage to the surface layer will affect its overall aesthetics. Meanwhile, aluminum front doors usually come with a long-lasting warranty.

5. Glass

There are front doors made of solid glass. Glass front doors are best suited for regions with mild climates or warm temperatures. Glass doors offer more natural light into the home than other types of doors. They are stylish and bright.


Above are the best materials used for making front doors. Contact a windows and doors shop to choose the right front door for your home.

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