Replacement Windows for East Bay, California Homes that Are Game Changers!

When it comes to choosing which home improvement project you will tackle next, changing out your home’s windows may not seem like the most exciting option. How much of a difference can new windows actually make? As it turns out, replacement windows can make a huge difference in the both the look and feel of a home! Here are some reasons why you might want to move window replacement to the top of your home improvement list:

Replacement Windows Improve Curb Appeal in East Bay Homes

Many homes in the East Bay area built in the last century still have their original windows, and many of those windows have thin, aluminum frames that don’t do much to add to the exterior design of the home. By replacing your old, aluminum windows with new, vinyl windows that have a wider frame design, you can give your home a more crafted look. At the same time, you can also have decorative grids added to the glass in your new windows to add even more style and detail to your home’s exterior.

Michal Kuron, owner of East Bay replacement window company Custom Exchange, says, “Our customers are often surprised at how great their homes look with new windows! They were looking forward to what new windows would do for their home’s energy efficiency, and are pleasantly surprised to see that their new windows also give their home a fresh, new look. It helps their home stand out in the neighborhood by making it look updated and well cared for.”

Making East Bay Homes More Energy Efficient with Replacement Windows

The reason most homeowners in the East Bay choose to have replacement windows installed in their homes is for the energy savings. They know that their current windows aren’t doing them any favors when it comes to keeping their homes cool in the summer and warm in the winter because they can feel the outside temperatures coming through the glass, and may even feel drafts coming through gaps  around their windows.

Energy-efficient replacement windows can definitely be a game changer when it comes to keeping your East Bay home at a comfortable temperature year-round. Quality, vinyl replacement windows have energy-saving technology built into every part of the window.

Kuron says, “At our replacement window company, we only sell replacement windows that we know do a great job of helping East Bay area homeowners save money on their monthly energy bills. Currently, we recommend replacement windows made by manufacturers like Simonton and Monte Verde. Both of these brands make quality products at prices that are still affordable to most East Bay homeowners—especially when you consider the energy savings. Both brands of replacement windows also come with great warranties.”

Hire a Quality East Bay Company for Replacement Window Installation

The people who install your replacement windows are more important than you might think. There is a certain amount of skill and training that is necessary to ensure that replacement windows are installed properly. Some replacement window companies in the East Bay outsource the installation of the windows they sell. Make sure you go with a company that only uses installers who are trained specifically in window installation, like Custom Exchange. Having your windows installed by subcontractors who don’t know what they’re doing can actually void your warranty. In addition improperly installed windows won’t allow you to see the energy savings you were probably hoping for.

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