Reasons To Add a Retaining Wall


A retaining wall isn’t a small investment, and you need a lot of expertise, time, and labor to build it. That’s why it’s best to search for “paving companies near me” and get a reputed professional to build it for you. Let’s check out some of the amazing benefits of adding a retaining wall:

The Reasons

  1. Retaining wall – A retaining wall is a structure on your property. It’s made of stone or concrete and keeps soil, hardscaping, rocks, and landscaping features in the right place. They are built at places where your landscape may need the extra support. It prevents soil and other landscaping features from washing or rolling downhill. It can also improve your property’s longevity, appearance, safety and sometimes can even protect you from lawsuits. Let’s dive deeper into those benefits.
  1. Prevent soil erosion – If your property is on a slope, the soil is more susceptible to being washed or eroded away by wind and rain. Even mild weather is enough to do some serious eroding damage to a small mound or hill. You don’t just lose precious topsoil but also expose your property to mudslides and landslides.

Moreover, rocks and soil may be moved to sensitive areas and block important features on your property like gates and drainage systems. It also increases the chances of moisture damage and can weaken the structural integrity of sections of your property. A retaining wall helps you combat these situations by locking the soil in place and preventing it from being washed away.

  1. Reduced risk of flooding – Damage to your property is enhanced if you live on a slope and have wet weather for the most part of the year. Rainy and stormy weather exposes your property to risks of flooding and a retaining wall can help prevent that. It acts as a barrier to stop flood water in its tracks and can also direct the flow of water away from your home. It also prevents water from forming small pools in depressions and other low spots on your property.
  1. Protects your neighbors from damage – Bad weather on a slope won’t just affect you, but your neighbors as well. If you have a slope on your property, you’re legally responsible for damage to your neighbors due to soil erosion. It can damage tenants, neighbors, businesses, and any other people near your property. Apart from property damage, it can also cause loss of life.

You may be held legally responsible for expensive repairs on your neighbor’s property and may have to shell out a ridiculous amount of cash for the medical expenses of injured people. Your neighbors may file lawsuits against you and your local municipality may slap heavy fines against you for not maintaining your property. A retaining wall can save you from all these situations.

  1. Aesthetic appeal – Landscaping is an important part of every home. It sets the tone for the front yard and your entire home. A retaining wall can make something unique out of your landscape. With the right materials and height, you can create a tiny little paradise just for you and your family. You can make it out of all sorts of materials like boulders, gabion, concrete blocks, natural stone, and more.

The visual appeal of a retaining wall is just too grand when you can make it fit right in with the rest of your landscape and the style of your home. You can also use retaining walls to build elevated flower beds and increase the height of your property in certain areas.

  1. Adds a functional and livable space – Apart from aesthetic appeal, a retaining wall can also add plenty of functionality to your home. As mentioned above, retaining walls can prevent flooding and soil erosion. However, it can also make your hilly and sloping ground easier to manage and maintain.

For instance, you can use a series of retaining walls to create terraces and make plenty of usable space in your yard. When you have that kind of setup landscaping and gardening become simpler and more convenient. Terracing also helps create gorgeous and appealing facades for your yard.

You can also create a flower garden by adding a small retaining wall in front of your home. No need to worry about adding some extra gardening soil since retaining walls are made to hold a lot more weight. This can add a striking visual effect especially for those with a large front yard.

  1. Adds value to your property – Adding a retaining wall is like adding hardwood floors or fencing to your property. They are simple solutions to add value to your home. If you make a retaining wall out of concrete blocks or stones, you’ll also have modularity and replace damaged sections on a budget when necessary. A retaining wall also adds adaptability to your property.

If you need to separate your veggie and flower garden, you may opt for a simple rock wall. When you go with the right kind of retaining wall, it lets you do so much more with your property and breaks away the limitation of sloped land.

Apart from more usability, a retaining wall also adds more monetary value to your home. In the current housing market adding a retaining wall to your property boosts its value by a significant margin. Your real estate agent has an easier time upselling your home and buyers are comfortable paying a premium for your property since it adds security, more functionality and protects them from legal liabilities.

Even if you’re not planning to sell your home soon, a retaining wall will bring more cash when you decide to sell it. Otherwise, it will benefit your next generation when they decide to part with the home.


As you can see there are many benefits of adding a retaining wall. From preventing soil erosion to adding value to your home, it adds numerous benefits. To get one built for your property, you can hire a professional by searching for “paving companies near me”.

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