Questions To Ask Before You Hire a Roofer

Replacing your roof is a huge investment and once you choose your material you want to know your installation will be smooth sailing. That’s where choosing a roofing contractor comes in. There are many questions you can ask to weed out the less desirable roofing companies and ensure your experience is problem-free.

Are You Licensed?

Most states require your commercial roofing St Louis company to have a license, but it also helps if you know the coding requirements in your area. Make sure you see a non-expired license before they start working so you have some backup if any problems begin to occur.

Do You Carry General Liability Insurance?

Damage to your property can happen during a roofing job so make sure your contractor has general liability insurance so you won’t have to pay for any destruction the roofing company may cause. Ask to see the insurance certificate, which will show your name and address as an additional insured.

Will You Remove My Old Roof?

Don’t allow a roofer to reshingle over an existing roof. They will never see any soft spots or rotten wood that needs to be replaced to prevent costly issues in the future. Make sure they remove the old shingles first before anything else happens.

Do You Have Workmans Comp Insurance?

If someone is injured on your property and the roofing company doesn’t have workmans comp insurance, you could be the one paying for the medical bills. Make sure this doesn’t happen by seeing if every employee who steps on your property is covered.

Do You Install Drip Edge or Edge Metal When You Install a Roof?

You want to hear a resounding yes to this question. Without a drip edge installed the water from rain and snow will drain into the fascia and wood on your home, which can cause major water damage in the future.

Do You Bring a Container to Collect Trash?

There’s a lot of debris that comes with a roofing job, from old shingles to plywood to nails. Your contractor should take care of bringing a container and removing it with all of the mess they make during the roofing process. Don’t forget to ask where they will place the container. If the answer is your driveway, make sure they have plans in place in case the driveway cracks under the weight.

With careful questions and screening of companies, you’ll find the most reliable roofer and have a satisfactory roofing experience.

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