Mark Roemer Oakland Shows Closet Door Choices for the House Interior


Mark Roemer Oakland believes that closet doors are often not considered as something important when it comes to interior design, but it plays a crucial role in your house interior. These doors can offer an altogether different look to your rooms. Plus, the doors are essential for keeping your belongings safe and protected. The mentioned below stylish closet doors’ ideas will help you give a different look to your rooms:

The Choices

  1. Bi-fold closet door- It is one of the most popular options for closet doors. These doors are meant to save much space, and you can also paint the doors and decorate them as you wish. You can give it a modern contemporary look or add wallpaper with some attractive prints. Plus, these double doors are easily affordable.
  1. Sliding closet doors- If you have a small space, sliding closet doors can work best for you. If you want an industrial look to your room, opt for metal sliding doors. Plus, these doors add a classy and contemporary look to your room. The doors have a masculine look and are great for men who wish to have a simple interior.
  1. Louvered closet doors- These doors are like a shutter, and so, they have spaces that allow air and light to pass into your closet, and it is beneficial in keeping your clothes fresh. These doors are usually made of wood and add more elegance to your room. These doors are similar to accordion closet doors and don’t require much maintenance; all you need to do is dust them off regularly with a duster.
  1. Mirror closet doors- Mirror closet doors are one of the best options for your room and make your room more stylish and classier. Also, the door serves both purposes, as a door and as a mirror, both simultaneously. People using this door don’t have to keep a full-length mirror in their room, and it is a great space-saving idea. Plus, it makes your room look more spacious and brighter. You must opt for these closet doors and get to enjoy the right amount of light in your bedroom.
  1. Single panel closet doors– Yes, double closet doors are the most popular ones, but a single panel closet door is a great choice too. These doors are similar to the regular bedroom doors and can give a simple look to your bedroom. Although it may indeed take up a lot of space in your room as it swings open every time you access your wallet, it still works best for some rooms. You can customize it with some paints or wallpapers. Also, you can add a mirror to the door to make your room look bigger.


According to Mark Roemer Oakland, the points mentioned above will help you choose the best closet door for your room. The ideas will surely inspire you to update the look of your closet doors and give your bedroom a new look.

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