Invigorated space: how to make your bathroom look bigger

The bathroom is a space that requires comfort and simplicity. It is often the room where people start their day, and the last thing they want is to feel cramped or stressed in such an important space.

This is why the bathroom needs to feel comfortable, roomy and welcoming, and not like you could stub your toe every time you get off the toilet. And, thankfully, there are many tangible and illusionary ways in which we can enhance the bathroom’s feeling of added space.

Aspects like paintwork, organising and installing the most elegant frameless shower screen Melbourne has available are good places to start, so let’s take a closer look at them below:

  1. Paint the space in bright colours


Darker, morbid tones only work to create a cramped feeling. Instead, a light, brightly-painted bathroom is one that absorbs and accentuates the natural light, flooding the space with an airy, bright and open feeling, and one that resonates with a feeling of serenity.

  1. Organise all that clutter!


Clutter is the roomy bathroom’s worst enemy. You know the feeling when you enter a bathroom and find toothpaste containers strewn across the vanity, towels thrown across the floor and clothes littered atop the shower screen – it’s a nightmare for people wanting to feel a sense of peace and calm in their space.

So, why not take on the relatively simple task of organising the bathroom? All you really have to do is grab yourself a hamper and a few storage containers (diligently labelled with the likes of “shavers”, “toothpaste”, “grooming” etc.) and you will quickly eliminate the bathroom’s cluttered, unpleasant feel!

  1. Frameless shower screens


The best frameless shower screen Melbourne has available will ensure your bathroom feels bright and spacious. There are just so many benefits to installing these modern wonder designs, including:

  • Facilitating the natural light that floods into the space;
  • Creating a seamless barrier between the shower and the rest of the bathroom (something their framed counterpart just doesn’t do);
  • Added benefits like safety, value and, of course, unwavering style.

Interior designers will always advocate installing framed shower screens as they do so much more to create a feeling of space and comfort, as opposed to their framed counterpart which does nothing to divide the space and make it feel smaller.

  1. Big mirror


A little interior design trick to make a space appear much larger is to install large mirrors wherever you can amplify a space. Mirrors work to enhance a feeling of space exactly as you think they do: they make it seem like the room is extending for an indefinite amount of space and time! This is, of course, a winner for bathrooms, which need a quality mirror as well as a greater feeling of comfort and roominess.

  1. Install a pocket door


This is the oldest and most simple trick in the book, but that only gives weight to how effective it is a space-enhancer. The pocket door – one that slides into the wall – may be a little more labour intensive, but it goes a very long way to ensuring you have plenty more space to create more storage in your bathroom, as you can install extra cabinetry or other amenities where a hinged door would usually open up.

These are five ways to invigorate your bathroom’s sense of space. They will make you feel oh so much more at ease in the morning, when all you want is to feel comfortable and confident with the coming day!

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