How to Select Right Washing Machine for Your Home?

If you are investing money on any new washing machine, then there are plenty of options to choose for cleaning and washing your clothes. First of all, you need to consider what type of machine you need — either traditional top loader, or any top loader without having agitator, or front loader type. You also have to look for special cleaning features that should be more helpful to you.

You also need to think where you want to install your washing machine in your home so that you can comfortably move around too. Therefore, before you go for shopping take proper measurements of the location and give a little thought about the placement of the machine and the source of water, electrical points and the drainage etc. In case such facilities are to be created then plan for it before you decide to buy your laveuse i.e. washing machine.

Following are four smart tips for using washing machine

  • If your budget is limited

With your small budget, you need not sacrifice any important functions but you can forget few fancy features. If you are not too fussy about colors then you can opt for any white model and save some money. Any no-frill top loaders can be the cheapest model however may consume little more energy for operation.

  • Looking for conserving water and electricity

Any front loaders will use much less water as compared to the traditional top loaders. There are few energy star models that are designed for less electricity and water consumption. However, you must remember that actual cost may vary, depending on your actual usage and also the utility cost applicable in your area.

  • Do you have to mostly fight with tough stains?

Usually front loaders produce much better cleaning results in comparison with top loaders. Few machines have special stain-remover facilities. A setting for “cool” temperature which mixes hot water and cold water can help powdered detergent to dissolve completely to produce better results for stain removal.

  • If you are little more careful about clothing care

You should choose either front-loader or top-loader without any agitator that usually cause clothing to damage. Some special models have certain special cycles particularly designed for cleaning specific materials. Also look for few custom features like using steam to remove stain, reduce tangling by adjusting spin speed and sanitizing the cycle for killing germs.

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