How To Protect Hemp Plants From Deer Browsing

As spring comes, outdoor hemp cultivators begin planting hemp seeds with great excitement. However, they face the same concerns as other agriculturists when it comes to protecting their cash crop from deer browsing. Spring is the prime season for deer movement and feeding; therefore, growers must use management methods to protect their plants.

Trellis Netting

Trellis nets are not only used to assist climbing plants, but also during the indoor cannabis growing process as tray liners. By trellising your plants, they will be able to receive direct sunlight while being shielded from outside dangers. The nets can either be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on what kind of plant is being grown in the garden.

Trellis netting can double as tray liners and drying netting for hemp flowers. Advantages of using plastic drying netting instead of other types include that the mesh is lightweight and easy to manage, non-stick, reusable, and much cheaper. Additionally, it can be used outdoors for cannabis trellising, tomatoes support,…etc

Deer Fencing

Installing a deer fence is virtually maintenance free and is the most recommended deer management strategy for protecting plants from deer browsing.

There are many types of fences out there, but not all will serve as an adequate barrier against determined deer damage. The best materials for a fence that will keep deer out are polypropylene or metal with PVC-coating.

Plastic deer fences and steel deer fences are both available in a variety of heights and grades. If you only have light to moderate deer pressure, any type of fence will work for your purposes. However, if you have heavy deer pressure, it is recommended that you install a metal fence – the stronger option.

No matter which type of fencing system you go with, installation is easy and it will last up to 30 years before needing replacement


As winter fades and spring arrives, white-tailed deer will begin to compete with us for the limited natural resources. One of their favorite snacks is hemp plants, which can be found in farms and gardens. The best way to protect our crops from these pests is by installing deer fencing or trellis netting around the area. This will minimize the amount of damage done by deer this season.

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