How To Prepare Your Home For Mold Fogging Removal And Remediation

The development of mold is quite common in many homes. Mold grows in dry and wet areas, but it’s more rampant in wet areas. If your home is next to a wet area, you should be ready to get mold around your ceramic tiles. In case you start seeing the development of mold in your home, you could remove them using a bleach-based cleaner, but if the mold is too much and it has grown in places you can’t access, it will be time to get a person who will do the mold fogging removal for you. The best company to contact for mold removal is black mold removal in broward country, FL. The most common areas where mold is rampant are areas where water is found, and any amount of humidity in the house could condense and lead to the growth of mold. Other places that experience mold infestation are the attic, basement, furnace and under sinks.

Ways of preparing your home for dry fog mold removal

Even if dry fogging is safe for children and pets, most companies advise the family to look for a place to stay as they remove mold. You”re also advised to clear anything that could get shattered and always create room for the worker’s equipment.  Clearing your home gives workers enough room to manoeuvre around as they do their job. In case you have alarms in your home, disable them before you leave. In case you want a full mold removal process, make sure you remove your sheets so that they don’t get stained and so that the experts can remove any mold that is growing under your mattress. While at it, open your cupboards and drawers so the fog can enter and clear the mold inside them. You don’t have to remove your clothes since they can be sanitised during the whole process. Before you leave your home, to allow the experts to do their work, ensure all surfaces are clean, and all windows are closed.

Categories of mold

The mold that grows in your home is normally harmless. However, some cause nose and eye irritation and lead to a runny nose. But some mildew is detrimental, and it needs to be removed immediately. Some of the mildew that grows in homes include the following;

  • Black mold

Black mold is the most feared mold because it is harmful. But when it is detected early, it can be removed immediately before it spreads. Even if it’s harmful, it can be removed like all types of mold; all you need is vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol. The moment you see black mold, deal with it with immediate effect before it gets out of hand.


As a homeowner, clean your bungalow daily and check for mildew growth to remove it without spending much money. Make sure you are conversant with the classification of molds to differentiate a harmful mold from a harmless one.

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