How to Maximize Social Media to Sell Your Home

Almost every person looking to buy a home begins shopping for homes on the Internet. Research has shown that a whopping 97% of those searching for homes use online websites to begin their home shopping adventure. The National Association of Realtors has shared this conclusion from their 2021 report. To some surprise, popular online listing sites are not the only way in which buyers are relying on finding homes for sale.

Social media like Tik Tok and Instagram have shown to be helpful in getting a home sold more quickly. The most promising of listings are those that share a quick video of the property for sale.

Here are some ways you can use social media to help market your home for sale

Showcase the property location

Having a home in a desirable area where everybody wants to live is obviously going to sell the home quicker. This is important information to include in your social media information to get people interested. Using social media gives you the chance to showcase a location and have someone fall in love with the neighborhood as well as the home.

You can highlight items like a park within walking distance or a convenient stop for public transportation just down the street. It is always a good idea to include some short glimpses into the location, not just the home itself.

Focus on features

Listings that have a large photo gallery do capture more interest from buyers as it helps them to see more of the home. But having too many photos can be too much of a good thing. Seeing several different angles of the same thing can become overwhelming for potential buyers. Instead of showcasing every minute detail try to focus on upgraded features or those that are in high demand in the room.

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Give some insight into local market stats

Give some insight into what homes are going for in the market that your property is in. This can help to advertise your listing and also let those relocating from a different area see how your property compares.

Give them an open house experience with a virtual tour

At the very beginning of the pandemic, an open house was unheard of which had real estate agents shifting their creativity to offer virtual tours of homes. Open houses are still very much a thing and very useful in marketing and selling homes but virtual tours can give buyers better insight into a home and help bring the most serious buyers for in-person showings.

“Virtual tours help a larger amount of people including those that live further away to envision themselves living inside the property. These have been very popular over the last couple of years and has helped all industries from real estate to home improvement.” – Tip by Pilchuck Heating

If the home needs work take time to explain its potential

Many times, the most successful social media real estate listings are those with an instant wow factor. Don’t let this deter you from sharing a home that has potential but may need a little work on social media. The way to do this is to communicate the potential instead of expecting a potential buyer to get there on their own.

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