How Efficient Are Solar Panels for Homes?

Today, people have started to accept green energy in their homes and offices. This has resulted in high demand for solar panels. But how are these solar panels efficient for homes? Let’s dive in:

How Efficient are Home Solar Panels?

It is right to say that solar energy remains the most abundant you can find on earth. Despite having the benefit, how efficient are these solar panels we consider for residential homes?

Most studies report that solar panels range between 15 – 18% efficiency. In other words, it means that of all the sunlight it absorbs, only 15 to 18% will be converted to electricity. The rest of the energy will hit the solar panel and warm the surface. In regard to efficiency, some factors change the efficiency of the solar panel.

Factors Affecting Solar Panels Efficiency

The various factors affecting solar panels efficiency are either internal or external.

Internal Factors:

Solar Panel Age

The history of solar panels reaches back to 1839. Over time, there have been countless innovations helping these panels to be more efficient. That means that the age of the solar panel affects its efficiency such that an old panel is less efficient.

Type of Solar Panel

Another factor affecting solar panel efficiency is the type: thermal panels or PV panels. Thermal panels are those you use at home to heat water, while PV panels are for electricity. In warmer climates, thermal panels operate more effectively.

Solar Panel Materials

Solar panels are made from three materials: multi-junction cells, polycrystalline silicon, and monocrystalline silicon. Among these materials, monocrystalline silicon is a more common and efficient material for solar panels.

External Factors

Solar Plans

Solar Plans help determine your solar panels’ efficiency. Determining a solar plan can help know the cost-effectiveness of your solar panels. This will help you avoid increasing or decreasing solar panels efficiency. So, this could help make an informed decision on the best deal you get for a specific condition.

Solar Energy System Design

A solar system design plays a significant role in solar panel efficiency. If you don’t set your solar panels correctly, you will not get enough electricity that meets your usage needs. Having said that, it’s the major reason to have an expert fix your solar panels. A specialist determines the number of solar panels you need for effective use at home.

Average Sun Exposure

There are homes with more solar exposure than others. This could result from large trees in the yard, weather issues, or a house below a taller building. Whatever the reason, sun exposure will affect solar panel production. These changes will vary with location or house.


Keep in mind that the efficiency of solar panels is also affected by how you maintain them. They need proper care in their lifespan. If you want to use clean solar energy at home, Baker Home Energy is the best provider. The company has helped many customers convert their roofs into efficient solar energy systems.

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