Five Important Things You Should Know About Glass Railings

Recently, there has been an uptick in glass railing use in modern architecture. We can see why glass railings are a popular system compared to other alternatives. Glass railings allow light infiltration. They are aesthetically pleasing and practical compared to wood and steel railings.

The versatility of glass railing makes it a popular option for residential and commercial spaces. You may be considering replacing your current railing systems with glass. Of course, you have some questions. How much do glass railings cost? What types are there? This blog will answer the questions while providing insightful information on how to get the most out of glass railings.

What are glass railings?

Glass railings are glass panels fixed around view decks, pools, offices, and stairways that add visual appearance and allow light infiltration. Glass railing systems are a sophisticated choice for porches, patios, decks, pools, offices, and other spaces that require light and prioritize transparency.

The versatility of glass railing systems, among other benefits, makes them a popular option for customizing a residential or commercial space. Many glass railing systems use tempered glass panels, which increase the structural rigidity of the system. However, other glass panel options include laminated, heat-strengthened, and wired glass. All types of glass have different uses in various glass railing systems.

There are different glass railing systems

There are various glass railing options depending on the style you are going for and the purpose. Here are some of the popular glass railing systems:

  • Clamped glass railing

Clamped glass railing uses glass clips to attach tempered or laminated glass to posts or a shoe. This method of railing is a good option for curved staircases. When properly installed, the glass railing system can exude luxury, especially when mated with polished wooden posts or aluminum posts.

  • Dadoed glass railing

A dadoed glass railing system is the most straightforward railing method. In the dadoed glass railing systems, glass panels fix onto the top rail and bottom shoe. Since posts are not interspersed on the staircase, it has a neater visual appearance compared to clamped glass railing. A dadoed glass railing system is a solid option to highlight hardware in a commercial space or residential home.

  • Standoff glass railing

As the name suggests, standoff glass railing systems use standoffs (square or cylindrical steel pieces) to attach the glass panels to the vertical face of the stair or floor. The standoff method requires a sturdy framework to maintain the structural integrity of the railing systems. Professional glass installers mainly use steel underpinnings to support the glass panels.

Glass railings are easy to maintain

Unlike wooden and steel railings, glass railings do not rapidly weather when exposed to harsh weather elements. Simply wiping the glass panels can restore them to their original look. However, there’s a catch. Some types of glass used in glass railing systems, such as heat-strengthened and laminated glass, attract smudges. You will need a daily cleaning routine to maintain the aesthetic value of the glass.

Generally, glass railings used on an overlook require no more maintenance than those inside your home. The type of glass largely influences its durability. That’s why it is important to explore our structural glass railing systems for a sleek look and find the type of glass that will serve you for years.

Glass railings safety depends on the frame as well

Many glass installers focus on quality, which is okay. However, experienced installers go beyond the glass quality. Experts know the framework’s quality also affects the whole system’s safety. An ill-fitting frame is an eyesore and makes the glass susceptible to breakage when the safe load limit is exceeded.

Expert installers advise on the type of frame that will guarantee safety within tolerable load values. Public spaces like pools typically use high-strength steel as the frames since they have higher load requirements.

Codes and requirements vary

The requirements for glass railings differ across various nations and states. Some states permit certain types of glasses to be used in glad railings and prohibit others. Before planning your makeover, contact the glass installation company to understand the codes and requirements. For instance, some states require the deflection under maximum load to exceed a certain number. In such a case, tempered glass is used in favor of heat-strengthened glass.

The building codes determine the type of glass and, ultimately, the system’s quality. While considering the codes, it is important to have expert installers who will ensure high build quality in line with the building codes. Check out the portfolio and explore our structural glass railing systems for a sleek look.

Glass railings improve your space’s market value

Glass railings are a glamorous addition to any space. Since glass railing systems are the epitome of elegance, they immediately brighten up an interior or exterior space. The visual appeal glass railings bring, in addition to being eco-friendly, improves the house’s value. Property flippers can use cost-effective glass panels to optimize the building’s selling potential and rake in profits.

Glass railings are highly customizable

There’s nothing like an overdone style with glass railings. You can spice up the style by changing subtle aspects such as shape and transparency or inserting a broken pattern. Additionally, the type of railings and shoes used for framed glass panels add a new touch. Aluminum frames coupled with glass panels make the most elegant glass railing systems. Depending on your creativity, you can switch the aluminum panels for polished wood panels, curved wood designs, and more.

Glass railings with various designs are adaptable to suit your home or office theme. The versatility the panels bring means you can always carve out a new style in line with your desired aesthetic.

Get professionals to install glass railings for you

Now that you know the six important things about glass railings, explore our structural glass railing systems for a sleek look and learn more about glass railing systems. If glass railings are your next home makeover, seek expert installers to get solutions that suit your budget. The quality and design we bring to glass railing systems ensure your residential or commercial space gets a major aesthetic and functional boost. Do not sit cozy in an outdated home; try the new glass railing systems and explore a new look.

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