Few Facts Related to Polyurethane Foam Lifting Concrete

The use of concrete settling in construction goes way back to 1930, and there has been an undying demand for concrete settlement works ever since. However, there has been an evolution in the procedures as well. These days, polyurethane foam is used quite extensively for the job, and is considered to be very effective.

The polyurethane foam has the characteristics of rising and filling the gaps in the concrete slabs. It is injected with the help of a gun in order to initiate the expansion. It is a very quick procedure and does not take much time, but helps in effectively compressing the soil, and also in improving the concrete laying concreteness.

Whether it is government, commercial or personal, every other customer needs cost-effective solutions. The polyurethane foam concrete lifting is recently used process which is quite effective.

Repair option

The first question which will always come to your mind is whether to replace it or repair? If you observe closely, concrete replacement is considered to be expensive. Usually concrete contractors will go for several site visits to replace the slabs which are simple for example like framing, removal and pouring. Repairing options must be chosen carefully. If we talk about repairing conductors, they usually have very low expense and ensure to give you the best kind of result within a short span of time.

An opportunity              

Contractors performing slab jacking and also equipment needed are extremely necessary. For example –

  • Vehicles which can carry two or more cubic yards of material
  • A specialized slab which needs to raise the pump
  • A concrete kind of a mixer
  • Heavy kind of equipment which can be used to load trucks
  • A concrete saw and a drill
  • Two men who must be allotted to shovel materials into the mixer
  • The muscling equipment around the jobsites
  • Getting materials back and forth from mixers to slabs
  • Specific time allotment for cleaning the space

Mudjacking is believed not to require a big amount of investment when it comes to equipment.

There has been enough space most of the time for mudjacking.

A new kind of game

One of the new and innovative ways of using polyurethane foam method has been doing rounds for few years now. Specialized polyurethane foams have been in use with characteristics like optimal expansion, adhesion and set up speed which also has ideal control on the process of lifting.

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