Essential Rug Shopping Tips When You Need Persian Rugs in 8×10 Size

If you’re currently on the hunt for Persian Rugs 8×10, then you’re going to have plenty of questions and concerns as you’re browsing the Internet for top options. Persian rugs are some of the most coveted rug styles in the entire world, so finding the perfect one for your space can often be pretty difficult!

One of the most popular Persian rug sizes is 8×10, which makes it even more difficult when you know you’ll be shopping within a specific size alongside many other people. This is where online rug shopping can be so helpful, because finding popular styles is a lot easier when you’re not tied down to local inventories.

The very best online rug outlet in America is Rug Source, and their team has collaborated with the 7th Home editorial staff to provide this list of essential Persian  rug shopping tips specifically tailored around the 8×10 size. So keep the following expert tips in mind as you’re browsing through 8×10 Persian rugs!

Establish Your Rug Budget Before Shopping

It’s no secret that Persian rugs are often pretty expensive, so it’s always a good idea to establish a shopping budget before even going online and seeing what’s available. We all know how easy it is to sway ourselves towards more expensive options as they arise in our Web browsers, so firmly committing to a budget can keep you filtering your search and more efficiently getting you to the Persian rug of your dreams!

Knot Count Differentiates Persian Rug Quality

It’s hard to know what makes certain Persian rugs different from one another in terms of overall quality, but one metric for rug shoppers to keep in mind is knot count. Knot count literally defines the amount of knots within a square inch of the rug’s makeup, so naturally a higher knot count leads to better design clarity and durability.

And the best part about understanding knot count while shopping for Persian rugs is that you’ll soon find out that this style boasts the highest knot counts in the entire world! This is a big reason why Persian rugs continue to be one of the most popular rug styles today.

Rug Material Matters

Just about every Persian rug will be made from natural materials, as opposed to synthetic materials that you can often find in American-made rugs. Most Persian rugs are made of wool, but you can also find plenty more made of silk and silk-wool combos.

Wool is so popular because it’s incredibly soft and simultaneously durable, and it’s also stain-resistant. There are plenty of factors to keep in mind while shopping for Persian rugs, and the material is one that must be met!

Choosing Persian Rug Colors

Everyone has personal preferences when it comes to rug colors, because you’ll often need to choose your new rug’s colors based upon the existing aesthetics of your room.

What’s great about Persian rug colors is that they’re always made from the finest natural dyes found anywhere in the world, and you’ll have plenty of great color options to choose from.

Our best tip when it comes to rug colors is to make sure you know what type of ambience or mood you’re looking to create within your room. Sometimes warmer coolers like yellow and red can feel inviting and cozy, whereas cooler colors like green and blue can feel very calming.

Understanding How Your Persian Rugs Will Be Used

Another very important Persian rug shopping tip is to understand how your rug will be used prior to purchasing it. This typically depends upon where exactly in your home the rug is placed, because certain high-traffic areas will inevitably experience more rug usage as compared to others.

Although all Persian rugs are incredibly durable, some are more durable than others. And there are even some Persian rugs that work well as wall art as well, so it’s all relative in terms of how you intend to use your Persian rugs. Just be sure that you know this potential usage and plan accordingly!

Speak To The Rug Source Team Directly To Learn More Persian Rug Shopping Tips!

Persian rugs in the 8×10 size are very popular no matter where you live, which is why countless Americans are turning towards the Internet for this type of home décor investment.

Rug Source Inc. is the top online vendor in the United States when it comes to finding high-quality area rugs of all styles, including Persian rugs. You can learn more about Persian rug shopping and speak directly with experienced industry specialists by going through the link located at the top of this article that goes to Rug Source’s Persian rugs page!

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