Easy Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Pool Patio


While the pool is great for a quick swim, splashing fun, and mischief, you tend to use the porch more often. Hence, it makes sense to make the pool patio more inviting, comfortable, and aesthetical for those moments. When it comes to any sort of patio, you need to do a lot of paving work and a quick internet search for “paving companies near me” would guide you towards the right professionals. However, there is much more to the pool patio than paving concrete and stone tiles. Let’s check out some easy ways to enhance your home’s pool patio:

The Ways

  1. Create a stunning passage – When you’re out in the yard, your pool is the focal point of your property. That’s why you should draw everyone’s attention in that direction. Highlight the pool by creating a stunning pathway that leads up to it. Whether it’s an offset or stacked pattern, or several paths converging to the pool from different directions, it should be something that acts as a visual guide and points everyone towards the water.
  1. Pay more attention to the materials – If you can choose the right materials for the pool patio and decking, you can achieve a perfect balance between aesthetic brilliance and functionality. The materials can also help you distinguish certain areas and mark clear boundaries. For instance, while wood decking has a high upfront cost, it is easy and cheap to maintain and also makes the pool boundary look amazing. With the earthy tones of the pool deck, you can use concrete flooring for the fire pit and the patio. It makes clear distinctions for their purpose and adds visually appealing contrast. Moreover, concrete offers high durability and has low maintenance costs for fire pits. 
  1. Use lighting to your advantage – Creative lighting can add a lot of character to the pool area. Modern technology also offers you a vast array of options. If you have trees near the pool, you can tie warm string lights or optic fiber lights to them to create a cozy ambiance. On the other hand, you can use underwater lights or floating lights for the pool, while the deck can be lit with stone LED lights. Apart from the looks, the lighting also provides you function when you want to take a midnight dip. Horror movies and pop culture have planted very scary scenarios about swimming in a dark pool in people’s minds.

When you have different colored lights for the pool patio and the overall pool area, it makes a striking impression on your guests. If you like to organize parties, you can go over the top with your budget and install addressable RGB lighting for your pool. It allows you to program every individual LED according to your needs and even allows you to sync the lighting effects with the music.

  1. Landscaping and greenery – Swimming pools are usually outdoor features unless you are extremely rich. That’s why it’s best to complement it with appropriate landscaping and refreshing greenery. Complementing landscaping around the pool can be anything that suits your style, from gravel to pebble stones, stone statues, and bamboo trims. Adding greens to the area doesn’t just please your eyes but can also create a soothing and shaded microclimate that keeps the patio cool during summers.
  1. Add a Baja shelf – Sometimes, you don’t want to submerge yourself in the water. You just want to lounge at the shallow end with your feet in the water, beer in your hands, and have a nice conversation with friends, your partner, or your loved ones. Why not optimize this activity with a Baja shelf? Baja shelves are like giant versions of the top step. You can place comfy lounges on the shelf and relax the way you want.
  1. Pool fencing – Some states have already mandated pool fencing by law, while others are in the process of doing so. So, if you don’t have a pool fence it’s a good time to get one. Apart from providing you with privacy and your kids with safety, it can also be a stand-out feature if you choose the right design. The fence can be a classic stone wall, a minimalist fence with wooden slats, or something else that suits your style.
  1. Outdoor furniture – As mentioned above, while you would spend a lot of time inside the pool, you are more likely to see the clock tick by as you lounge on the patio with a portable foldable chair, and a book. That’s why it’s best to invest in outdoor furniture that is suited for the pool patio. They can be lounges with long stone tables or small relaxing chairs with a few stools. You can also place daybeds if you want more comfort. When the sun goes down you can even enjoy outdoor dining with your family by the pool. Make sure that you choose weatherproof furniture that can be easily cleaned and will last you for a long time.
  1. Sculptures – Sculptures can enhance the pool area by a significant margin. The sculptures can be a part of your landscaping or a stand-alone feature that makes a bold statement. If you have a large pool, you can also invest in sculptures with water features that can sit in the middle of the pool and double as a fountain.
  1. Get a Hammock – Recreating the vibe of your favorite tropical destination is very easy. You nailed most of it if you have a pool, some palm trees as greenery, and complementing landscaping features. All you need to recreate the paradise of cozy laziness is a net hammock. They come in all sorts of designs and are the ultimate expression of relaxation.


Now that you know how to enhance the pool patio, you should implement the above-mentioned tips or draw inspiration from them for your project. If you need some stone, slab, tile, or concrete work done for the pool patio you can search “paving companies near me” and get help from professionals.

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