Curtains Vs. Blinds: Which One To Go For?

Should you go for blinds or curtains? This is an age-old question that homeowners have always been confused about when looking for curtains or blinds that would match the interiors and aesthetics of their homes. Each comes with its own sets of advantages and disadvantages.  Whether you should go for curtains or rulood completely depends on your requirements. To guide you towards making an informed decision, here are the pros and cons of curtains vs. blinds.

The Pros Of Going For Curtains

Extensive Design Collection

When it comes to curtains, you will never run out of options. Whether looking for pleat styles, fabric textures, or sheer curtains, the right curtain could completely change the look of your room. You could go for vibrant colors if your room is neutral-tone-based or vice versa. Sheer curtains allow plenty of sunlight to enter your home. Thick fabrics give your home the right amount of warmth and coziness.

Offers Insulation

Curtains come lined with thermal lining, which helps in insulating the room properly. Therefore, during winters, your room stays warm, while during the summer the house remains cool. Having floor-length curtains is really comforting, and curtains with better insulation save on energy too.

Noise Protection

Curtains have proven that they can act as a barrier to noise. It absorbs the sound of the traffic, which could get overwhelming if you live near the highway or a congested city road.

The Cons Of Going For Curtains

Hard To Maintain

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of going for curtains. Cleaning them is hard. Curtains can easily collect pet hair and dust, and if you are going for thick fabrics, cleaning them could turn into a nightmare. Going for professional cleaning services every time is expensive.

Requires A Lot Of Space

Yes, you heard that right. If you go for huge floor-length curtains, they could make a room look smaller.

The Pros Of Going For Blinds

Filters The Entry Of Light

If you love sunlight entering your home, making it bright and airy, then blinds would be a good option for you. Blinds are good for filtering the amount of light you want entering your home. You could go for roller blinds or Venetian blinds, depending on your requirement.

It Is Easy To Clean

Compared to curtains, blinds are easy to clean. You could easily clean the dust just with a cloth. For some, you need to follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions.

Does Not Take Up A Lot Of Space

Blinds do not take a lot of space and are a good option if your room is small.

The Cons Of Going For Blinds

They Do Not Help In Saving Energy

This is one of the biggest disadvantages of blinds. Through blinds, heat could easily escape.

Some Cannot Block Any Light

While Venetian or roller blinds are a good option, they cannot completely blackout light. If you want total darkness while sleeping in broad daylight, then curtains would be a better option.

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