Clean Green: 5 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Garden

Oh, no, not cleaning the garden! For many Australians, there is no more a gritty, grubby job than getting your hands dirty in the garden, clearing grass, leaves, branches, debris and more.

But it doesn’t have to be difficult, and with a little planning and knowing exactly what you need to do, you will easily clear out that messy garden in the space of a day!

So, pick up your bin hire in Dandenong, grab your gardening tools and set yourself for a cruisy day in the yard…

  • Start with the tall grass

Tall grass is the best place to start when cleaning a garden as it then allows you to see everything else happening on your lawn. So, grab your line trimmer or rent one from a local store and get to work on clearing that nasty tall grass!

  • Move on to the larger waste

Once you have cleared the field of view with your line trimmer you can then move on to the larger waste. Remove rocks, rubbish, tree branches and unsightly plants, ensuring they go in a spot that can easily be transferred into your bin.

The best way to do this is by conducting a clean sweep from one side of the yard to the other. You can then create three separate piles: one for recycling, one for compost and one for non-recyclables. Keep your recyclables and non-recyclables until it’s time for them to be picked up by the garbage collector.

  • Trim overgrown trees & shrubs

You can then move on to cutting down overgrown shrubs and trimming back tree branches. You can use a portable chainsaw to trim larger branches or just a shearer to take out the smaller ones.

For overgrown hedges, use electric clippers or shears. Rake away the dead leaves and debris after you’ve trimmed your shrubs. It’s important to get rid of the debris as they invite bacteria which can be harmful to the yard!

  • It’s time to mow

This is where your garden will really start to look nice and presentable. Ensure first that your lawn mower has nice, sharp blades as dull ones can damage the lawn mower and produce an uneven finish. You also want to adjust the blade height so that it can cut the grass down to two-and-a-half or three inches in length.

By cutting the grass to this particular size, you will be promoting healthy garden growth and won’t have to regularly mow your lawn. Finally, you can leave the lawn trimmings on the garden or use them for mulch – either way is good for the garden.

  • Create some compost

You can produce healthy, rich soil to fertilise your garden by putting all your plant matter onto a new compost pile. Break or cut large branches and sticks into smaller pickles before shovelling topsoil to the materials you have laid down for your compost pile.

Next, mix all the materials thoroughly and add water to create a moist pile. You can continue to add more yard waste as you need or as you clear – next thing you know you have an ongoing compost pile that can be used for growing plants and other greenery in the future!

It’s a pretty cruisy situation

When you look at it with the above method, you can see that cleaning and clearing a yard doesn’t have to be a difficult job. All it takes is a little planning and methodology and you can easily clear out a garden with a day’s work.

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