Affordable Garden Renovation Ideas for 2021

Humans are fundamentally social beings and not being able to interact in person has left a large percentage of the world’s population anxious and depressed. Some countries have forbidden their citizens from exercising or visiting open spaces such as parks and beaches, forcing them to remain within the confines of their property.

This is leading to a greater number of residents to reevaluate and renovate their home’s design, so as to improve their wellbeing. Adding a bit of colour or a new focal point to a garden is bound to lift your spirits, especially during an emotionally trying time as a national lockdown. Not only will it occupy your mind, but it will also leave you with a deep sense of accomplishment once it is completed.

Here are a few ideas to inspire change in your garden, ones that will also lift your spirits!

Create a Vision Board

Having a visual goal reminds you of what you want to achieve with your project. Spend time in your current outdoor space and picture what you want to improve. Maybe you would like to plant a small vegetable patch to save you from having to go to the store during lockdown, or maybe you want your garden to be a space of relaxation and tranquillity. You could even install a small log cabin in which to meditate as an extension of zen design.

Another idea is a garden that contains only indigenous plants. Make sure your vision board is visible as often as possible; it will keep your goal fresh in your mind and motivate you to complete it.

Plant Waterwise Plants

Waterwise plants are a wonderful addition to a garden, not only for their efficiency with moisture but also because they are relatively low maintenance, meaning they can bring joy to gardens owned by those without much of a green thumb, Prince’s feather, snapdragons, and floss flowers are some colourful flowering plants that can get by without much moisture or attention.

If you have a larger garden, some waterwise trees will even offer shade on warm days and a nesting spot for birds and owls. You could even add some potted plants to the inside of your log cabin, or grow herbs in jars in the windowsill.

Practice Companion Planting

Companion planting is a practice where similar plants are cultivated in proximity to one another. The object of this exercise can have numerous benefits, such as attracting bees and other plant-pollinating insects. Marigolds are great companion plants for both flower and vegetable gardens. Their scent acts as a deterrent for many insects and some subspecies of the plant are strong enough to keep rabbits at bay.

We do strongly recommend that you research this practice to become fully versed with what plants work well with others, and which ones don’t. For example, carrots grow well when planted close to onions and lettuce, but not when planted close to their parsnip lookalikes.

These are by no means the only ways to renovate your garden in 2021, but they’re a great place to start.

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