6 Kid’s Room Wallpapers That Are Too Cute to Handle

Decorating your kid’s room doesn’t need to be daunting and exhausting. It can be therapeutic and nostalgic if you do it right. As kids grow up so fast, their tastes and choices change. Keeping this in mind, we recommend you consider installing fun, cute wallpapers instead of painting their walls and having to repaint them every time their obsession changes.

It’s normal to get overwhelmed while deciding on a kid’s room wallpaper as there is a sea of cute, adorable options to choose from. We aim to make your task easy with our well-curated list of 6 wallpapers that will make your kid feel loved and heard.

  1. Cartoon Art

Your kid’s wallpaper needs to be imaginative to meet the needs of his or her curious little mind. Wallpapers with cartoon illustrations create a fun, magical and positive atmosphere in your kid’s room. Observe what your kid is interested in and accordingly choose a motif they will adore. Make sure to think out of the box and choose quirky designs like dancing dinosaurs or panda’s ice skating.

  1. Forest theme

Nature serves as a little escapism to not just adults but also kids. Your kid’s wallpaper is like a window through which your kid gets to see the external world. For those parents who want a soothing vibe in their kid’s room, a perfect choice for them would be wallpapers with nature motifs like animals, flowers, fruits, trees, leaves and clouds. Avoid choosing a cluttered design as it will ruin the relaxing mood you are aiming for.

  1. Abstract art

Older kids might not prefer loud and bright designs and would appreciate you installing abstract wallpapers in their rooms. Contemporary abstract art wallpapers won’t just make your kid’s room look stylish, but it will also help in sparking your kid’s imagination.  The brushes, strokes and swirls of the wallpaper will add a character to your kid’s room and accentuate the overall aesthetic of the room.

  1. Mythical theme

You can’t go wrong with this classic kid’s room wallpaper theme.  If you want to spark your kid’s interest in mystery, adventure and fantasy, then this is the perfect choice for you. You can choose from a wide range of motifs from unicorns, dragons, superheroes to mermaids, fairies and elves.  Make it more intriguing by telling a story through the motifs on the wallpaper.

  1. Nautical theme

We are talking about yachts, wheels, waves, sea, anchor, lighthouse, seagulls, fish and all things marine.  If you want to keep it classic, then you can also consider going for simple nautical stripes. A nautical-themed wallpaper will make your kid’s room appear refreshing, calming and adventurous. A useful expert advice would be to choose a neutral background and then go for miniature nautical elements in bright colours like blue and red.

  1. Bold prints

When it comes to a kid’s room, you don’t need to think twice before going for loud, eye-popping prints and patterns. Bold and bright prints are a genderless theme that is perfect for all genders.  You can opt for geometric patterns or motifs like cars, butterflies, kittens and bunnies. This wallpaper will transform your kid’s room into a lively, energetic space where your kid can learn and reach his or her fullest potential.

Choose the wallpaper depending on the function of the room. You can go for a fun theme in the playroom, geometric patterns in the playing room and a soothing forest theme for your kid’s bedroom.  Don’t forget to include your kid while picking and installing the wallpaper. It’s the perfect opportunity to bond with your kid and get to know them more.

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