5 Ways Aggregates Can be Used to Improve the Outside Space of a Property

Aggregates are something that you see on a regular basis without actually realising what they are. They feature prominently in many areas of construction and are a valuable commodity because they offer strength and durability to all different types of projects. Things such as buildings, bridges, tunnels, motorways and even the railways all rely heavily on aggregates. However, aggregates come in many forms that can be used in a variety of ways to improve the outside space of your home. Aggregates like shingle, boulders, gravel and pebbles are all not only versatile but also very practical allowing them to help improve the aesthetics of things like a garden or driveway. So, we thought we would list 5 ways in which aggregates will help you make the outside of your home a more attractive and usable space.

Aggregates Can Be Used to Improve Drainage

Because aggregates let water permeate through them and into the ground, they are a valuable asset when it comes to helping prevent flooding in your garden. One of the ways of doing this is by using shingles or gravel instead of paving when it comes to pathways. You could even mix the two by having patterned paving surrounded by shingle or decorative stone. Not only will this be aesthetically pleasing it will also help keep your garden or driveway nice and dry.

Aggregates Can Protect your Garden Against Drought

The versatility of aggregates is perfectly demonstrated by the fact that not only do they help protect against flooding, they also help make any garden more drought tolerant. Let’s be honest not everyone enjoys gardening, in fact, some people see it as a chore. So, why not think about a rockery or a gravel garden, as they offer an attractive yet low maintenance option for any outside space. This type of aggregate is particularly useful if your garden has poor soil, or you live in areas with extreme climates. Long dry spells can cause havoc with grass and flora, however, if you use decorative stone like rocks it can give your garden a stylish and often dramatic look.

Aggregates are Perfect for Landscaping a Pond

If you are thinking of creating or landscaping a pond in your garden, aggregates have several important uses. You can use things like pebbles and cobbles to give the visual impression of a river or a beach. One thing to take into account is if you are going to stock your pond with fish you need to choose a suitable aggregate. Some natural stone contains lime which could affect the PH of the water rendering it unsafe for some forms of aquatic life. A lot of suppliers offer pre-washed stone; however, it is probably advisable to wash it again to be on the safe side before placing it in your pond.

Resurface Your Driveway

Aggregates will give any driveway a traditional yet elegant look and offer a great alternative to block paving or tarmac. Aggregates also prove very affordable when it comes to covering large areas in comparison to other materials. Angular chipping’s tend to be the best option as they fit tightly together, and as such are more stable when driving and walking on them. They are probably better for cars and vans as chipping’s are more likely to stop cars rolling backwards than a smoother, more rounded stone. The durability of aggregates allows them to withstand heavyweights as well as being very easy to maintain. In addition to being economical, gravel and shingle are available in a wide variety of colours, making them an excellent choice for driveways.

Creating a Garden Path

Most aggregates are extremely useful when it comes to constructing a garden pathway. Something like self-binding gravel is ideal for pathways, as along with being extremely durable because of the fine clay particles embedded in it, which prevent the gravel from moving when walked on, it also comes in a variety of attractive colours. So, using a decorative aggregate for your garden path will not only enhance the look of your outside space but also make it really practical.

One thing to consider when undertaking any project is the number of aggregates you will actually need. Because getting not enough or too much can be both inconvenient and costly. Most suppliers will give you access to an aggregate calculator which will help ensure you get exactly what you need. Hopefully, this article has helped demonstrate how aggregates will provide you with a cost-effective and attractive option when it comes to landscaping your outside space.

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