What You Need to Know About Home Security Monitoring

Experiencing any type of emergency in your home is not something anyone wishes to go through. Wouldn’t it give you more peace of mind to have 24/7 security monitoring that  provides your loved ones and most valuable belongings with maximum protection.


How Does Home Monitoring Work

Equipment that is installed such as a security system, smoke detector or personal emergency response system is connected to a Saskatoon home security systems company monitoring center. The following are all ways you can be connected to their center 24/7.

-       Telephone line, the old school way to communicate and more traditional may result in slower connection and could leave equipment vulnerable to tampering.

-       Cellular monitoring provides much faster data transfer with cellular signals. You may be required to install a backup battery in case of power outages.

-       WiFi monitoring provides easier accessibility to connection and is a distinct advantage to this feature rich option. It should be considered as a backup option to those listed above for maximum reliability.

Whichever option you end up using once you’re connected the monitoring center will be notified anytime an alarm is triggered. Operators then call you to confirm that there is an emergency that needs to be addressed. If this is the case they would dispatch the appropriate emergency personnel ( police, fire, medical ) This assures you that your home is protected when you are gone or unavailable and the monitoring center, not you is responsible for notifying the authorities.

Other notification options

As an additional measure to the monitoring center homeowners can be alerted with notifications to their smartphone, tablet or computer. Some events that might trigger mobile alerts are:

-       Someone leaving or entering the home

-       Windows, doors or garage being opened or closed

-       Power failures or shortages

-       Activities triggered by image sensors, motion sensors or video surveillance footage

To determine which type of security equipment is ideal for your home contact Security & Cellular Plus in Saskatoon.