5 Tips for Preparing Your Home for Painting

Having the interior of your house repainted is among the most satisfying and worthwhile ways to totally renovate your home. By following the helpful tips below from Paintworks, you will be able to make the most of your effort and time, while making sure the result will look as if it’s done by a professional.

Follow the 5 tips below in preparing for a painting job and you will not only have great results, you will be able to work faster and cleaner too.


Remove furniture.

Professional painters don’t stagger on tables or sofa while painting and neither should you. Take away the furniture away from the room before you begin the job so you can paint easily and prevent paint from splattering all over. To make sure that your furniture will not be damaged as you bring them back after the job, avoid from pushing them into the hallway where damage may occur or accidents may happen.

Protect flooring.

Supposing that you want to have your carpet or flooring in place after your painting job, make sure to protect before starting the job. Having a few newspapers under the paint train will not suffice. Instead, try placing professional-style drop cloths all over the room. You can also use plastic sheets which are cheaper, however, it can be punctured easily and shifts easily while you’re working, and creating exposed areas on the floor. If you want protections from spills and help to keep paint from getting tracked all over your house, you can use a heavy canvas drop cloth or professional grade butyl-backed cloth.


If you want to prevent smearing paint all over your windowsills and baseboards, it’s important to tape off these areas before beginning your paint job. Don’t just use tapes you have in your house, instead use professional painters tape which is available at most paint stores and hardware suppliers. Taping is a simple and time-consuming work, however, if you do it right, you’ll achieve a professional-looking outcome.

Clean the walls. 

Having a clean and even wall surface will assure you that your paint job will have amazing results. Dark smears can be seen through the paint and oil and other substances can alter the paint’s consistency. It doesn’t matter what cleaning solution you will use on your walls, just make sure to rinse it completely after you’re washing them and allow it to dry before you start painting.

Remove outlet covers and switch plates.

It’s important to remove switch plates and outlet covers before you start painting and avoid painting the switches and sockets. If you have childproof plastic covers, they will also serve as protection while you are painting. Pay attention to your young kids after removing protective coverings and make sure to put them back immediately as soon the as the paint dries. A good precaution before removal of protective coverings is turning off circuit breakers.

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