6 Guidelines For Choosing a Storage Facility

From time to time you may find yourself needing to rent a safe place to store some of your precious possessions. When it comes to choosing a great facility along with size and price it’s wise to be sure the facility fulfills the following checklist as well.


1)    Customer service. That first contact whether it’s an email, phone call or in person is a good indication of how the business is managed. A good manager and his staff will address your questions and concerns in a friendly, straightforward manner.

2)    Hands on manager. Ideally you want a manager who is the main one dealing with customers and resolving any issues. One who lives on site and available would be your best choice.

3)    Cleanliness. A clean and organized office can tell you a lot about how well the site itself is maintained. Notice how clean the washrooms and how tidy the property is kept overall.

4)    No pesky critters. The very nature of a storage facility means they are bound to experience pest problems even if only seasonally. Any well run facility will automatically have a contract with a pest control company. You don’t want the experience of roaches, moths or rats ruining the belongings you have stored there.

5)    Tight security. Once you’ve stored your items and locked the door to your unit you want the facility to have good security measures in place too. A gate with computerized access, security cameras and good lighting will safeguard against unwanted visitors. Monitors in the managers onsite apartments allow him to keep an eye on the facility. Any good manager will screen prospective tenants by checking their Drivers Licence and current address to ensure they are not transients planning a break in.

6)    A good fit. Each storage facility has it’s own merits, if the items you’re storing are something you’d leave out on the curb then price may be your biggest consideration. If however the possessions you plan on storing are invaluable to you be sure the storage facility checks all the boxes listed here.

The guidelines above are provided courtesy of Storage Zone, when you require the best storage facility in Lubbock contact our office or better yet come and check us out.