Seal Basement on Interior or Exterior of Walls?

Keeping your basement dry and free of breaks, cracks, and leaks is crucial. Good thing is, there are different ways to seal the walls of your basement to keep the contents of your home, and its foundation, from suffering the negative effects of leaks. One of the most effective ways is the waterproofing method.

There are two types of waterproofing, interior, and exterior waterproofing. If you want to know which type is ideal for your basement then read on to know the difference between the two.


Interior Waterproofing

Interior waterproofing in Victoria BC works by making sure that leaking water in your basement is directed going out and away from your house. The drainage system of this waterproofing type is made of pipes and drains that catch the leaks or fitted under the base of your house to gather the excess groundwater.

The excess water is collected in a sump pit, which is a huge basin in your basement where water is stored. Then inside the sump pit is the sump pump, which basically pumps out water away from your basement and home. The sump pump will automatically pump out the water after the water reaches a certain level inside the sump pit. In cases of a power outage, the sump pump will continue to work for it comes with a backup battery.

Exterior Waterproofing

Exterior waterproofing, on the other hand, works by digging around the house at the depth of the foundation walls after, which a waterproof membrane or coating is installed and finished with drainage panels. The drainage panels function as a path where water flow down going to an exterior French drain at the base of the foundation. Water flows by gravity or by a sump pump going away from the foundation of your house into a storm drain or another area of your property.

Which is which?

Before deciding on what method to use, assess and determine accurately how serious your leaking problem is.

Interior and exterior waterproofing both has their pros and cons.

In the end, although a bit expensive, exterior waterproofing is much better at keeping water away from the foundation of your home and getting in your basement and will also help in structurally ensuring the life of the wall and your house.

Interior waterproofing is only good for removing water that has already amassed in your basement but is not effective at inhibiting water from getting inside your basement. If your leaking problems are serious, and the only option is to excavate around your foundation wall the exterior waterproofing is the method that is highly recommended.

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