Common Mistakes When Choosing Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home it can feel overwhelming. Even though paint is probably the least expensive part of home decor, Paintworks has listed some common mistakes you might want to avoid.

Picking a Color That’s Too Bright or Saturated

Color trends come and go for example even though cobalt blue might be trending take a moment and give it some serious thought. A color might look great on a lamp or throw cushion and yet that same color will be much stronger on a wall. Stick with lighter, muddy colors ( meaning they have more gray or black mixed in with them ) that may prove a better choice.

Instead if you do go with a brighter color choice your furnishings should be neutral or even white. Decide on your focal point it might be the wall color, a lamp or a painting and have everything else compliment it.

Picking the Paint Color First

It’s a lot easier to leave the paint color choice as the last thing rather than trying to match the other decor elements to the paint. Once everything else is in place you can decide the color choice that compliments the furnishings, drapes etc.

Choose your color hue from the furnishings, pillows or artwork and have it support the decor.


Not Considering The Home as a Whole

Whether it’s a house or small apartment transitioning colors from one room to the next is an important consideration. The color choices should flow easily from one area to the next so avoid jarring contrasts.

Relying Solely on Swatches

Holding a small color chip against the wall is not going to give a true idea of how it will look in a larger area. Paint swatches need to be viewed under the lighting in each room as well as during the daylight. Purchasing the sample sized cans and painting a bigger patch is a worthwhile investment to really know how it will look.

Following Trend Always

Once you notice a trend in colors everywhere you may want to consider a different direction as you choose paint colors. When bright, saturated colors are everywhere think of going with softer pastel tones for your home.

Sometimes it can be difficult to know which direction you should take and may want to consult a professional. When you’re searching for House Repainting in Victoria BC, contact Paintworks for more information.