Why Install A Hardwood Floor?

If you’re going to install a new floor for your home, then you’ll have a raft of different options to choose from.Of these, the carpet is probably the most popular in every area of the hope except the kitchen (and potentially, the bathroom).It’s a cheap option, and thus an enduringly popular one.Alternatively, one might consider a vinyl floor, or one made from stone slabs like marble and slate.

Another hugely popular option is the wooden floor.It’s an option that can sometimes be a great deal more expensive that the alternatives we’ve just considered, but it’s one that holds several key advantages over its rivals.Let’s look at some of them.



It’s true that a wooden item of furniture needs occasional maintenance if it’s to look its best.This is especially the case with flooring, which tends to attract more dirt and grime, as it must endure people walking over the top of it.

A wooden floor, however, is far more easily cleaned than the equivalent carpet.There are no fibrous strands there to soak up excess moisture, and you won’t need to get onto your hands and knees to scrub away excess dirt.Get yourself a dry mop with rubberised bristles, and you’ll be able to easily scoop up a layer of dust in a matter of mere moments.


This benefit is somewhat related to the one we’ve just looked at.Since a hardwood floor is easier to keep clean, it’ll also be the more hygienic option.Those airborne particles from the food you’re cooking, and those skin cells that your body is constantly shedding, will over time accumulate to form a layer that’ll be embedded into the carpet.

If you’ve got an allergy to dust, then this point will be especially concerning.Dust mites can thrive in thick carpets, thanks to the quantity of tiny bits of food and dead skin that can flourish in such places.When these mites excrete their droppings into your rug, they can inspire allergic symptoms in some people.Remove the source of the food, and you’ll be able to cut the mite population down to size – and thereby ensure that you’re protected against them.


Sometimes, even the toughest sort of flooring can suffer damage.This might mean wear-and-tear which occurs over a long period, gradually building up.But it might also mean acute damage, just as that which occurs when you drag a heavy piece of furniture across your flooring.If you’ve got a pet in the household, you might find that it occasionally decides to inflict damage onto a carpeted floor – and once that damage has been inflicted, it’s almost impossible for it to be undone.

Now, it’s certainly possible to damage a hardwood floor in the ways that we’ve just described.But in most cases, it’s also possible to repair such damage with relative ease.Just sand down the affected area and apply a new coat of finish.You can thereby restore a hardwood floor to immaculate condition.And even where the damage is particularly severe, and sanding and re-finishing isn’t an option, you can always replace a small portion of the flooring – which is an option that simply isn’t available when dealing with other varieties of floor.


As we’ve already discussed, it’s possible to remove stains and repair damage to a hardwood floor without too much hassle.But what is the long-term result of all of this cleaning?If you’re cleaning a carpet, then regular cleaning will produce an abrasive action that’ll gradually cause the strands to loosen, which will ultimately reduce the lifespan of the carpet.This effect is especially pronounced in areas where footfall is high.A hardwood floor is thus often a good investment in the long term.

Resale Value

If you’re considering these merits, and yet you’re still concerned by the significant one-off expenditure of installing a hardwood floor, then you should consider the amount that the floor will contribute to the value of your property.A hardwood floor will almost always contribute significantly to the value of your property – particularly if it’s in an area with special prominence.A hardwood floor tends to lend an interior the ‘wow’ factor that’s sure to persuade would-be buyers when they first tour your property.If you’re considering getting one installed into your home, be sure to check out the selection on offer at Find me a Floor.If you’d prefer an alternative, on the other hand, you might check out a timber-effect vinyl flooring solution like Karndean Flooring.