How To Pack Books When Moving

When packing up your household belongings for a move with movers, you want properly pack and protect your smallest items to ensure they arrive safe and sound. The choice of box will depend on which items are being packed. Unless you’re a very experienced packer it may be difficult to know which items belong in which box. So let’s begin with the best way to pack up books.

Many people accumulate lots of books overtime and most of us own at least a few. From cookbooks to novel collections even your child’s treasured storybooks need care when packing.

To begin you’ll want to choose the right size box for the job. A book box is 1.5 cubic feet and measures 17” X 12 ⅜ “ X 12 ⅜ “ and is the smallest sized standard boxes. It’s small size makes it perfect as it will fill up quickly long before it gets too heavy.

Before you start to fill it place some crumpled paper, newsprint on the bottom of the carton. Carefully load items inside using more crumpled paper to fill any space at the top of the box. Check to make sure the top of the box feels firm once you close it, if not open the box and add more paper.


Other items to pack in book boxes:

Files, cd’s, dvd’s, canned goods, silverware, small picture frames are a few other items that are best packed in book boxes. Here are a few tips for packing these items:

-       Pack files, books dvd’s, cd’s vertically with the spine pointed downwards. This will protect it during the move and allow you to fill the box.

-       Wrap fragile items like picture frames in packing paper before placing in a box to protect them from items beside them

-       When packing fluids first tape lids shut, down arrows on the outside of the box will indicate which side should be up. Label as liquid as well.

-       Group small items together as you pack to keep them organized. Use plastic bags or elastics to prevent them from spilling.

-       Kitchen knives should be placed in protective guards, if not wrap them in packing paper with the word ‘sharp”. Label boxes with knives this way as well to avoid injury.

-       Smaller lampshades fit nicely in these book boxes. Pack only one per box and surround with crumpled paper to prevent crushing. Labelling with “ top box “ indicates that nothing should be packed on top of them.

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