Everybody loves a good party, a good dance, and a good drink and with the party season coming up we have come up with the top 5 party essentials that you will need to have the party of the year.



Obviously you need to have people at your party, or else it wouldn’t be a party. Invite people that you like and that you can have a good time with, you don’t want people there if they are going to create drama or not enjoy themselves. Everybody should be happy and free at parties.


Music is the second most important factor of a good party (after having friends). If you aren’t having a DJ then you need to create a good playlist that caters to everybody, you may be able to listen to One Direction on repeat but that doesn’t mean that everybody else can. Have a variety of songs, cheese, club and chart. Good music creates a good atmosphere which, in turn, means that everybody has a good time! Cheesy music tends to be the music that gets everybody up and dancing so put that on at the beginning of the night to break the ice and make people laugh and then at the end of the night when everybody is a bit merry.


Food is important as it soaks up the alcohol, should you have any at your party. It’s also important because people get hungry! Essential party food is crisps, sausage rolls, sandwiches, cakes and of course every party needs cheese and pineapple sticks, don’t they? People often talk and mingle at the food table and so it’s essential in allowing people to get to know one another. If you are having a house party remember to provide a range of soft drinks as well as cups, straws and paper plates.

Venue and Décor

You need to make sure that your venue is big enough for the amount of people that you’re inviting, if it’s too small then people will be squashed and sweaty and it won’t be enjoyable. Decorations are also a great way to create an atmosphere particularly if it’s a seasonal party like Halloween or Christmas. Balloons, banners, streamers and lights are all a great way to let everybody know that the party has started.


Themes are great because they allow you to be creative and really have some fun. People get excited about what they are going to wear and it’s always a great way to get people to lighten up. You can also decorate your party to match the theme, particularly if it’s a Christmas party. Themed parties also make great pictures.

Every party also needs a good host, of course you should enjoy yourself but you also need make sure that your party goers enjoy the party too. Organise the party well so that it runs smoothly and make sure that everybody has what they need. Remember to cater to everybody’s dietary needs and music tastes too.

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