Tips On Going Green at Home

If you’re thinking about going green at home, there are a host of ways that you can maximize on energy-efficient appliances to help save the environment. Use these helpful tips to explore new ways that you can start a go-green initiative at home and increase your home value while you’re at it.

Easy Go-Green Upgrades

Change your lighting to reduce energy consumption

A great way to spearhead your energy-efficient initiative is to buy new energy-efficient appliances and furnishings. Start with simple products like energy efficient lights by Eco Star or GE and you’ll find that your energy bill will start to go down each month. You can also look for dimmers for your lights to reduce the amount of energy they draw.

Tip: If you’re not in a room, be sure to cut your lights off, or install motion detecting features.

Shop for energy saving appliances

While you’re shopping for energy-saving products, look at your air conditioning. Newer air conditioning units have energy saving features and you can set them to run on timers when you’re not at home. When you’re not using your air conditioner, you can open a window and allow the natural breeze to flow through your rooms. On hotter days, use fans to help air to circulate. Ceiling fans can help to increase the air flow and circulate air on hot days. The Consumer Energy Center suggests that fans can be used to help maximize air flow.

Refrigerators, washers, and dryers also have energy efficient models that require less energy to run them. Shop for these at your local hardware or home furnishing store. You can save energy by not keeping the refrigerator door open and only running your washer or dryer when you have a full load.

Tip: Unplug your electronics when not in use. You’ll save more on your energy bill.

Install solar panels and energy efficient windows

To optimize your go-green initiatives, install solar panels so you can draw energy from the sun and reduce your overall energy consumption. That doesn’t mean you have to go off the grid entirely, but by using the heat from the sun, you can power your home and reduce your monthly energy costs.

If you want to install energy efficient windows Lexington KY residents look online for installation companies in their area. This can help you to find windows that can keep heat in during the winter months and also keep air conditioning in during the summer months. By replacing your windows, you can block the gaps that may be causing your energy bill to spike. If you’re unsure about this, turn to sites like Angie’s List for referrals and have an in-home consultation.

When you go through your rooms, you can find great ways to save energy and cut your electricity consumption. The more you maximize on using the sun’s energy in your go-green initiatives, the more savings you’ll see in your wallet. You’ll also be helping the environment, too!