Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Dorm

When you only move to the dorm it seems like a totally new world. But after living there for a couple of months or years you learn about all its disadvantages and think about improving the room. Most tips for home improvement will not be applicable for a dorm because you do not have the legal access to all remodels that might be required. This is why in this article we decided to help you renovate your dorm without spending too much money as well as time.


1. Decals

Decals have been proven to be the number one choice for students dorms upgrades. They do not require much space and are very easy to apply on the walls. Decals come in a great variety of styles and colors to match any design idea you are trying to create. Check the available options online and order today!

2. Repaint your furniture

As a rule, dorms have very low tolerance level for repainting walls completely, however, most rules and regulations say nothing about furniture remodels. All you need is check ideas in a useful guide for furniture repainting to get the basics and transform your “grandma” cupboard into something useful and nicely looking!

3. Photos

Another common thing for dorm rooms is photos. Students frequently miss their old friends and families while studying in colleges. So the best idea to always remember about them is to put their pictures into frames and on the walls (you can match the color of the frames with the color you have chosen for furniture repainting project). Apart from using traditional frames for this option, you can also use clothespins and regular thread to hang everything on the wall. Surf the internet for more creative options.

4. Lights

Light is a great issue in the dorms, especially if you are living with a roommate. When he or she goes to sleep and you need light to study or do whatever, you instantly get into the conflict zone. Avoid such situations and decorate your room with led garland to add light and coziness to the room.

5. Board Shapes

If you are all about organization, then get several bulletin board shapes and hang it on your finished project of furniture repainting to add some shapes into the room. The great thing about these boards is that you can cut them in whatever shape you need. Be creative and functional!

6. New furniture

“New” in this case should not be understood literally. Everything you get into your room will be new. So do not waste money on new pieces and check any local furniture sale or garage sale to get a chair or sofa you need. Save money, add to the interior and comfort of the room, and feel upgraded! Every new piece of furniture added to your existing interior decor will be a perfect upgrading method.

As you can see, there is nothing hard, complicated, or unreal in upgrading your dorm room. Visit furniture sale or complete finite repainting project, maybe both, add some decals and you are set!