Changing the Look and Feel of Your Kitchen for Less

The average kitchen remodel can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars, so if you are thinking about remodeling your kitchen it is little surprise that you might be thinking of ways to help cut costs. The good news is that there are a few surefire tricks you can try to cut down the costs. For instance, you may be able to do a couple of things on your own or choose materials that are a little cheaper but just as reliable from the start to help keep overall costs down. Careful planning and execution can get you the kitchen you want without the high price tag attached to it.

Prepare in Advance

Making changes in the middle of construction can impact the entire remodel, and the price tag of your kitchen remodel. The best way to keep costs down when remodeling your kitchen is by preparing for everything you want well before the project actually begins. Not only should you have a final plan in hand, but you should make sure you have all of your materials onsite before you start to build or deconstruct anything. Once again, running into problems during the remodel forces you to make decisions and alter your budget which can quickly get in the way of everything.


Work With a Professional

Many people think they will save money by creating a grand plan for their kitchen remodel on their own, but in reality the opposite is true. Unless you are simply painting or changing an appliance then you need to hire a professional to help create the design plan for your kitchen remodel Naples FL. Not only are you not aware of the full array of options (and price points) available to you, but you also don’t have the construction background to make sure that everything is going to fit together the way you want. In the long run hiring a designer that knows the tricks of the trade will help you create a design that avoids expensive errors that you are likely to make.

Go White

While you may not want a white kitchen, it can sometimes be the most cost effective way to alter the look of your kitchen quickly. White is an excellent way to update cabinets that may be looking worn or old. Simply repaint them white with high quality semi-gloss and then coat them again to make them extra bright white. Add some new metal hardware and suddenly your old cabinets will look like they were just installed.

Add some Lighting

A great way to instantly lighten up a kitchen is by adding more lights. Pendants that drop in the middle of the room or over an open area like the stove are a great way to add statement pieces to the room without paying much. You can also think about adding under cabinet lighting in areas where you prepare food for an accent that won’t cost much but will change the look and feel of the kitchen.