A List of Technical and Practical Considerations to Remember before You Buy a Whirlpool Bath

It’s easy to get excited about a whirlpool bath – after all, there is nothing like it. Not only does it provide the user with a top-of-the-line relaxation experience in luxury, it also brings many health benefits you would not receive from any other kind of bath. No wonder it was only a matter of time before the experience (previously only enjoyed in expensive spas) has been brought into the home and is becoming more and more popular. However, before going out and picking the one you like the most, it’s important that you make some calculations and sensible deliberations first. You want the one that fits your lifestyle the best, after all. Here is a list of technical and practical considerations to remember before you buy a whirlpool bath.

Measure the space

Do this first before you even consider the various makes and models that are out there: measure your bathroom and make sure you stick with realistic and comfortable measurements based on available space. It’s always good to draw a floor plan to scale.


Can it be installed?

Yes, it fits in the bathroom – but does it fit through the door (or at least a window)? This may seem like a silly question, but these uncomfortable situations have occurred. Doors usually offer only limited access, usually about 24 inches (about 61 to 62cm). The same problem can occur with stairways or sudden corners.

It could weigh a lot

If you have a wooden floor, you may not be able to install a large bath, or may have to reinforce the structure to accommodate a filled whirlpool bath. The weight of the bath will also depend on the complexity of the system, and the materials of which it is constructed.

On plumbing and wiring

Before deciding on where the bath should be placed, have a plumber check out the existing pipes and what is possible or convenient to modify. Do the same thing regarding the electrical system; have an electrician take a look around. Use professionals to install it if there is a need for modifications.

Bear in mind also that different brands of whirlpool baths have different features – these features can bring you extra comfort and that’s definitely a plus, but the more features you have, the more expensive it tends to get, and the more time you may spend cleaning and maintaining the tub. Last, but not least, you want it to blend in nicely with the existing décor and design of the bathroom as it is – unless you’re willing to remodel. Getting a whirlpool bath is a great decision – but think about the practical aspects first to ensure you will have years of bathing pleasure to enjoy.

Image attributed to phaendin/FreeDigitalPhotos.net