Decorating Your Bathroom on Shoestring Budget

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Most of us have a budget to adhere to when it comes to decorating. Very few of us have the benefit of not looking at a price tag when it comes to creating the bathroom of our dreams. Although you may have to follow a budget it’s still possible to create a beautiful and enviable space that you can enjoy, even on a shoestring budget.

The Magical World of Color

Color has the ability to take a room from boring to amazing without draining your pockets. It’s one of the first things and one of the most impactful ways to change a room almost instantly. Choose a color that elicits the mood you’d like to create and go to work painting. Use stencil if you’d like to add interest or create a unique focal point. Painting is cheap and easy but has the ability to make a room look sophisticated and expensive. Go for it, paint your heart out.

Lights Everyone

Just like paint, lighting has a transformative quality. The right lighting can make a room look warm and inviting or exciting and supercharged. This is why it’s an excellent strategy to employ for anyone that has a budget to follow. You will get the special effects you’re looking for pretty quickly by installing the right lighting. When you have a budget to follow, it’s a good idea to use small touches that make a big splash. You may not be able to afford Frameless showers Fort Myers FL in all your bathrooms, but you can install that super cool showerhead.

You Should Be Floored

It may seem like changing your flooring will be expensive regardless of what you do, but this is entirely untrue. There are many affordable ways that you can change your flooring and put the finishing touches on your bathroom masterpiece. It just takes thought, vision, and the desire to stay on budget. Tile can be expensive, so can hardwood, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t use laminate or linoleum to mimic these two materials. Linoleum can come extremely close to resembling tile. You may have to special order it but it won’t be anywhere near as expensive as tile. The same is true of hardwoods. Laminate can look almost identical to hardwood and maybe even fool a few people but just like linoleum, it won’t be as pricey. Even if you want to skip the expense of changing your flooring and use throw rugs to decorate, that can be just as striking and tasteful.

Don’t let limited funds stifle your creative juices. Take charge of your bathroom decorating project with a paintbrush in hand and a light bulb in the other. In a days time, you could be staring at a completely transformed room filled with all the magic and whimsy you hoped to create. Top of the line finishes can be pricey but look for fabulous quality look-alikes and make the best of them. Even price conscious materials have the ability to make a room look expensive, inviting, and sophisticated. What are you waiting for? Get started!