Stay On Top Of Your Garden During The Winter Months

It may look like your garden is dormant during winter but, in truth, there is a lot that is likely to be going on. Bulbs start shooting and some of the plants and shrubs continue growing. During a mild winter, the lawn may also continue to grow, and some shrubs and lawns are better planted during winter. What’s more, if you leave your garden completely unattended from autumn to spring then you will have a mammoth task ahead of you when you first pick up the spade and the trowel.

By staying on top of the garden, completing little tasks, and preparing yourself ready for next year, you can give yourself a head start and have a clear picture of exactly you want to achieve. A garden constantly evolves, year on year, and you can only hope to control it if you take action and plan ahead.

Prepare For Damage

There is one thing you can be sure of during the winter months, and that is your garden will take some damage. Ideally, you should have already prepared for this in advance but, if not, then now is the time to tie back plants, make sure the fence panels are secure, and look for any potential damage to structures and other items in your garden. Prune overhanging trees so that the large branches won’t fall or be blown onto your delicate plants, and be ready to repair or remove damage as soon as it occurs.


Lawn Care

Grass may continue to grow during a mild winter, and you should continue to mow it if this is the case. Set the blades of your mower to a higher level; this will retain some of the length in the grass which means that you will healthier looking lawn throughout the winter and into next year. If there is heavy frost or snow fall, then you should avoid standing or walking on the lawn altogether because this will cause considerable damage. January and February are the best months to law new turf, ready for next year, too.

Shrubs And Hedges

You can plant hedges and some shrubs during the winter months, and if you plant already established hedges, you can attract wildlife and give it somewhere to comfortably reside. On that note, you can also add a pile of logs under one of the shrubs, and toads and other wildlife will use this as a home and for additional protection during the especially harsh winter period. You can also give your hedges a final prune for the year.

Plan Your Planting

Once winter starts, it means that the next gardening year is nearly upon you. Plan your planting well in advance, so that you can be sure to get the right plants out at the right time. If you leave it too long, you may have missed the ideal planting months for certain types of flower and plant. Draw a garden design and look for ways to further enhance your outdoor living space.

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